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Item is a photograph of Dalhousie President Dr. Henry Hicks, Mount Saint Vincent President Dr. Margaret Fulton, King's College President Dr. John Godfrey and Shinerama Chairman Faye Pickram and two unidentified students at Shinerama.

Scrapbook of memorabilia and photographs collected by Ruth Goodman

File contains a scrapbook assembled by Ruth Marilyn (Goodman) Pink while she was a student at Dalhousie University. The scrapbook contains dance cards with attached pencils; schedules and memorabilia from freshman initiation; napkins from dinners; dinner programs; place cards; musical programs from the Dalhousie Glee Club and local Halifax orchestras; small metal charms and other decorations; tickets; envelopes containing remnants of flowers; and other memorabilia from events at Dalhousie and elsewhere in Halifax. The scrapbook also contains photographs of Goodman's friends at Dalhousie; Goodman's room in Shirreff Hall; other places on Dalhousie campus; vacations at a beach and in the Annapolis Valley; and other people and events from Goodman's time at Dalhousie.

Scrapbook of memorabilia and photographs collected by Ruth Goodman

File contains a scrapbook assembled by Ruth Marilyn (Goodman) Pink during her graduation from Dalhousie University and for some time afterwards. The scrapbook contains musical programs from the Dalhousie Glee Club and local orchestras; programs and other material from Dalhousie convocation ceremonies in 1936; telegrams and greeting cards sent to Goodman for her graduation; remnants of flowers; dance cards; place cards with attached pencils; menus; a Valentine card and other greeting cards; and other memorabilia from events at Dalhousie and in other places around Nova Scotia. The scrapbook also contains photographs of Ruth Goodman; Rose Goodman; Jeanette Goodman; Dalhousie gradautes in 1936; unidentified family and friends; White Point Beach; the Annapolis Valley; Pictou Lodge; Sydney; and other locations in Nova Scotia. A computer printout of an obituary for Alice Simensky (1918-2015) is tucked in the back of the scrapbook.

Composite photograph of the Dalhousie Unviersity faculty of arts and sciene class of 1923

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Arts and Science class of 1923. The photograph consists of portraits of Wm. MacOdrum; R. B. Taylor; C. P. Bethune; Miss H. E. Boyd; Miss M. MacCurdy; Miss R. E. Cluney; R. D. Duchemin; J. H. Reid; A. E. Murray; D. R. Webster; C. F. Grant; Miss J. MacKinnon; Miss P. Moase; Miss M. I. Kuhn; Miss M. J. O'Connor; Miss H. Pugsley; Miss E. E. Geddes; D. S. MacLeod; H. C. Glube; A. C. Hawkins; C. E. Drysdale; Miss A. W. MacNeil; Miss G. A. Henderson; H. Robertson; Miss F. C. Holland; Miss A. G. Harvey; R. H. Shaw; Miss O. Atlee; J. R. Kaye; J. H. Townsend; Miss E. N. Spike; Miss M. G. Wamboldt; Miss H. M. O'Brien; Miss M. J. Moase; W. E. Moseley; P. T. Hickey; Miss H. A. Sanford; Miss J. Schmidt; H. D. O'Brien; Miss M. A. Mackay; M. B. Emeneau; Miss M. J. Smith; Miss M. I. Clark; T. R. Goudge; J. A. Forbes; V. Ditmars; W. M. Jones; H. C. Muir; Miss A. E. Hunter; Miss D. J. Graham; Miss M. C. Hawkins; Miss G. L. McLean; Miss F. MacKinnon; R. M. McColl; M. M. MacOdrum; F. E. Archibald; Miss F. C. A. Power; Miss E. I. Chrichton (Vice President); J. Chew; R. Kerr; P. W. Bowers; F. H. Dentish; R. F. Callan (Treasurer); L. W. Fraser (President); C. C. Ives (Secretary); D. S. Thomson; G. M. Morrison; C. E. Jones; and D. M. Grant arranged in several rows around the words "Dalhousie University" and a large letter "D".

Gauvin & Gentzel

Layout pages for the Dalhousie School of Physiotherapy yearbook 1986

File contains layout planning pages for the 1986 Dalhousie University School of Physiotherapy yearbook. Text and photographs have been pasted onto the pages. The photographs show R. S. Tonks; Linda McCann; Monique Breau; Krista MacDonald; Cheryl Theriault; Kim Furlong; Jill Henderson; Wallace Ross; and other physiotherapy students and faculty.

Photograph of the Dalhousie University class of 1925 at convocation

Item is a photograph taken on the day of the 1925 spring convocation ceremony at Dalhousie University. The photograph shows Jennie Laura Brown; Anna Helen Cameron; Ruth Errington Campbell; Katherine Hannington Covert; Isabelle Gertrude Crawford; Annie Elizabeth Crowdis; Julia Weir Douglas; Harriett Evelyn Elliott; Marian Margaret Elliot; Hazel Gwendolyn Garcin; Anna Margaret Catherine Grant; Hope Evermore Hamilton; Flora Isabel MacDonald; Alice Ethel MacInnis; Margaret McLeod; Sophia MacLeod; Mary Bell Marshall; Mary Frances Milner; Charlotte Edna Parker; Evelyn Frances Hyslop Rogers; Beatrice Margaret Smith; Jean Church Webber; Pearl Gertrude Young; Maurice Whitman Armstrong; Keith Huestis Butler; Douglas Gordon Christie; Hugh Artworth Fraser; Howard Hamilton; Andrew Olding Hebb; Donald Olding Hebb; Edwin Cecil Johnstone; John Donald Nelson MacDonald; Charles Gilmore MacLennan; Fridtof Charles Eugene MacRitchie; Harry Stafford Morton; Samuel Bernard Profitt; Victor Perrin Seary; Robert Brodie Taylor; Arthur Dunbrack Yuill; Cyrus Arthur William Grierson; Alden Bernard Hayman; Allan Chaloner Hill; George Craig Laurence; Norman Wilfrid Squares deCarteret; Samuel Sheffman; Clarence MacLeod Spencer; and Roberta Bond standing in several rows in front of stone building.

Photograph of a procession of graduates

Item is a photograph of a procession of graduates at the 1926 spring convocation ceremony at Dalhousie University. The photograph shows Elinor Barnstead; Molly Beresford; Dorothie Berry; Agnes Bown; Marion Campbell; Marjorie Colquhoun; Margaret Crocker; Josephine Dresner; Allison FitzRandolph; Edith Hallett; Ruby Hayman; Evernia Jensen; Charlotta Johnson; and Vera Knox standing in line outside the Science Building (Chemistry Building).

Hayward, J.C.M.

Photograph of students at a party

Item is a photograph of of students at a party after the Dalhousie Student Council election in 1981. Photograph shows (from left to right) Glen Walton, President of GLAD; Jim Logan, Student Union VP for 1981-1982; Marie Gilhinson; Greg Graham; John Logan, Dalhousie Student Union President 1981-1982; Lynn Lamont; and Gord Owen.

Wilkins, Gina

Photograph of Dalhousie girls field hockey team

Item is a photograph of the 1925-1926 Dalhousie University girls field hockey team. The photograph shows Jean Mackenzie; Anne Clark; Bessie MacDonald; Keltic Holman; Edwina Archibald; Anna M. Wilson; Helen Robertson; Ruth Elder; Edith McNeil; Mabel A. Borden; Marian Wood; Helen Sexton; Aliee Sproule; and Marie Erickson standing or sitting in three rows.

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