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Composite photograph of the Dalhousie Unviersity faculty of arts and sciene class of 1923

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Arts and Science class of 1923. The photograph consists of portraits of Wm. MacOdrum; R. B. Taylor; C. P. Bethune; Miss H. E. Boyd; Miss M. MacCurdy; Miss R. E. Cluney; R. D. Duchemin; J. H. Reid; A. E. Murray; D. R. Webster; C. F. Grant; Miss J. MacKinnon; Miss P. Moase; Miss M. I. Kuhn; Miss M. J. O'Connor; Miss H. Pugsley; Miss E. E. Geddes; D. S. MacLeod; H. C. Glube; A. C. Hawkins; C. E. Drysdale; Miss A. W. MacNeil; Miss G. A. Henderson; H. Robertson; Miss F. C. Holland; Miss A. G. Harvey; R. H. Shaw; Miss O. Atlee; J. R. Kaye; J. H. Townsend; Miss E. N. Spike; Miss M. G. Wamboldt; Miss H. M. O'Brien; Miss M. J. Moase; W. E. Moseley; P. T. Hickey; Miss H. A. Sanford; Miss J. Schmidt; H. D. O'Brien; Miss M. A. Mackay; M. B. Emeneau; Miss M. J. Smith; Miss M. I. Clark; T. R. Goudge; J. A. Forbes; V. Ditmars; W. M. Jones; H. C. Muir; Miss A. E. Hunter; Miss D. J. Graham; Miss M. C. Hawkins; Miss G. L. McLean; Miss F. MacKinnon; R. M. McColl; M. M. MacOdrum; F. E. Archibald; Miss F. C. A. Power; Miss E. I. Chrichton (Vice President); J. Chew; R. Kerr; P. W. Bowers; F. H. Dentish; R. F. Callan (Treasurer); L. W. Fraser (President); C. C. Ives (Secretary); D. S. Thomson; G. M. Morrison; C. E. Jones; and D. M. Grant arranged in several rows around the words "Dalhousie University" and a large letter "D".

Gauvin & Gentzel

Dalhousie Medical Football Team, 1907

Item is a photograph of the 1907 Dalhousie Medical football team. The photograph shows Moillet; Calder; J. Murdoch; McDonald; Atlee; MacRitchie; MacLellan; McGarry (Captain); Beaton; Patton; A. McLellan; Davis; Grant; MacDonnell; Cameron; Hennigar; and Hartigan sitting or standing in three rows on a fur rug with a football and a plaque. Their jerseys have skulls and crossbones on them.

Notman Studio

Photograph of Nu Sigma chapter of Phi Chi Medical fraternity

Item is a photograph of the 1935-1936 Nu Sigma Chapter of the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity. The photograph shows L. R. Perea; T. G. Stentaford; J. E. Donahue; D. J. Tonning; R. R. Strong; E. M. Fogo; J. A. Gallant; W. I. Bent; F. B. Wishart; WM. Simpson; C. L. Gosse; H. G. Quigley; R. F. Plumer; W. H. Embree; R. F. Dove; H. D. Roberts; L. R. Ryan; Dr. R. P. Smith; Dr. T. M. Sieniewicz; C. R. Trask (Treasurer); C. J. MacDonald (President); G. J. LeBrun (P. J.); R. B. Hogan (Secretary); Dr. A. G. MacLeod; and J. A. Glorioso sitting or standing in three rows and wearing tuxedos. H. J. Devereux; C. A. Dominquez; T. E. Grant; C. G. Harries; G. G. Hatfield; and A. R. Grant are absent from the photograph.

Dodge, Jack

Photograph of Charles Fenerty

Item is a photograph of Charles Fenerty, a native of Lower Sackville, NS. A caption is printed on the photograph which reads: "Charles Fenerty: Inventor of the process of producing paper from spruce wood pulp, he made his method public in 1844. Born in Upper Sackville, N. S., January 1821, he died at Lower Sackville, N. S., June 1892 at the age of 71."

Photograph of graduates of 1897 at Class Reunion, August, 1947

Item is a photograph of a reunion of Dalhousie graduates of 1897 at a 50-year class reunion in 1947. The photograph shows A. E. Crockett (B.L.); C. J. Burchell (K.C., M.A., L.L.B.); R. M. Hattie (B.A.); Rev. L. A. Maclean (B.A.); Edward Cummings (B.A.); Melville Cumming (B.A., B.S.A., L.L.D.); and Rev. J. W. A. Nicholson (M.A.) sitting or standing in two rows in front of the entrance of a building.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Medicine - 1920

Item is a composite class photograph of the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine class of 1920. The photograph consists of portraits of M. J. Carney (M.D., C.M.); M. A. B. Smith (M.D., C.M.); J. R. Corston (M.D., C.M.); A. S. MacKenzie (Ph.D., President); F. G. Mack (M.B.); E. V. Hogan (M.D., C.M.); F. J. Lessell (M.D., C.M.); P. Weatherbe (M.D., C.M.); H. K. MacDonald (M.D., C.M.); C. A. Donkin; P. A. Kirwin; P. Baxendale; C. M. Bain; K. A. MacKenzie (M.D., C.M.); C. S. Morton (M.D.); A. F. Buckly (M.D., C.M.); E. Mathers (M.D.); A. G. Nicholls (M.D., C.M., F.R.S.C.); F. P. Malcolm; W. E. Daley; J. G. MacDougall (M.D., C.M.); W. A. Curry (M.D., C.M.); M. A. Curry (M.D.); W. H. Hattie (M.D., C.M.); G. H. Murphy (M.D., C.M.); F. Harris (M.B., C.M., M.D., D.Sc., Secretary to Faculty); A. R. Reid; S. Ivimey; J. Stewart (M.B., C.M., L.L.D., Dean); J. Cameron (M.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.C.); L. M. Silver (M.D., C.M.); A. A. Anderson; C. G. Master; S. H. Keshen; and P. Hopgood arranged around a large letter "D", a crest, and a skull and crossbones. Images of the Forrest Building and Victoria General Hospital are also included.

Photograph of Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1935

Item is a composite class photograph of the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Class of 1935. The photograph consists of portraits of S. J. Fairstein; J. H. Buntain; G. H. Silver; D. K. Murray; H. Handler; G. P. Tanton; R. J. Davidson; F. E. Whitehead; E. G. Holland; G. Boudreau; D. P. Wollowick; R. A. Collins; E. M. Found; P. D. Crynock; R. E. Mathers; F. K. Wigmore; R. P. Smith; C. E. Kinley; R. B. Atlee; H. A. MacKenzie; H. K. MacDonald; J. G. MacDougall; E. K. Maclellan; W. H. Drover; W. A. Curry; G. H. Murphy; C. W. Stanley (President); H. G. Grant (Dean); N. B. Dreyer; J. Cameron; G. W. A. Keddy; R. W. MacKenzie; C. H. L. Baker; T. C. C. Sodero; and T. Markovits arranged around photographs of the Forrest Building and the Victoria General Hospital.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photograph of Faculty of Medicine - Graduation Class 1949

Item is a composite class photograph of the Dalhousie Medical School Graduation Class of 1949. The photograph consists of portraits of H. G. Sears; S. P. Cantwell; J. J. Balmanno; M. L. Bonnell; M. M. Hunter; L. S. Van Blaricom; R. W. Auld; H. H. Jacobson; S. C. Fuller; L. G. Rundle; J. L. Frazee; D. W. B. Keating; A. L. Knight; E. G. Burger; C. M. Day; A. A. MacLeod; F. B. Webber; L. L. McKeough; F. R. Townsend; J. W. Moreside; A. Levitz; P. J. Whelan; J. Karrel; A. R. Mercer; R. C. Eaton; F. K. Hickey; G. E. Davis; D. R. MacInnis; M. G. Tompkins; R. G. Clavden; J. C. Theriault; L. I. Stephen; I. G. Chambers; J. F. MacLellan; G. H. Algie; D. S. Brennan; S. N. Jeale; D. Hier; J. E. Rigby; J. H. Lesser; R. B. Miller; S. Hirsch; and H. G. Grant (Dean, M.D.C.M. (Dal.) M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (London)) arranged around a photograph of a building.

Climo's Studio

Photograph of Faculty of Medicine - Class Photo 1951

Item is a composite class photograph of the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine class of 1951. The photograph consists of portraits of C. H. Adair; R. T. Annand; G. W. Bate; A. C. Billard; H. J. Blackwood; J. F. Boudreau; W. G. Cameron; A. C. Campbell; H. B. Colford; J. D. Cowan; J. M. Crosby; F. G. Dolan; A. W. Elliot; W. A. Ernst; G. E. Fletcher; D. E. Forbes; C. C. Giffin; J. O. Godden; F. H. Hicks; G. K. Higgins; J. E. Higgins; B. D. Howatt; D. B. Keddy; G. E. Lawson; D. E. Lewis; D. A. MacDonald; J. C. MacDonald; J. W. MacIntosh; H. V. MacKay; A. E. MacRae; D. A. Malcolm; E. A. Moffitt; F. J. O'Keefe; J. A. Phills; H. P. Poulos; J. K. Purves; J. H. Quigley; N. D. Reid; D. I. Rice; J. F. Ross; J. A. Ryan; C. P. Scott; A. E. Shapter; W. R. Stewart; A. W. Taylor; J. B. Tompkins; N. B. Trask; D. F. Travis; H. H. Tucker; C. D. Vair; C. Vibert; D. C. Wilansky; D. L. Wilansky; and J. A. Wilson arranged around a large "1951."

Composite photograph of Class in Pharmacy - 1916

Item is a photograph of the 1916 Dalhousie Class in Pharmacy. The photograph consists of portraits of D. N. McDonald; J. A. McLean; C. L. Moore (M.A.); F. L. Crouse; E. H. Freeman; A. L. Chaisson; S. J. Campbell; E. M. MacLeod (Instructor); C. H. Ormond; T. V. Woolrich (Instructor); J. E. McKenna; G. R. Spencer; J. D. Walsh (Instructor); G. A. Burbidge (Instructor); C. B. Nickerson (M.A.); H. B. C. Dixon; G. D. Nixon; A. A. Thompson (Instructor); C. E. Watt; H. W. Spencer; W. C. Rockwell; and V. G. Worth arranged around a photograph of the Forrest Building. The word "university" is misspelled ("Univarsity").

Photograph of First Certified Drug Clerks Course - Nova Scotia College of Pharmacy - Class Photo 1916

Item is a photograph of the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacy First Certified Dug Clerks Course Class of 1916, in affiliation with Dalhousie University. The photograph consists of portraits of E. M. McLeod (Demonstrator of Dispensing); G. A. Burbidge (Lecturer on Pharmacy & Materia Medica); R. Jewkes; S. H. Keshen; W. McLeod; F. S. Chittick; W. H. McDonald; G. L. Schwartz; R. Haverstock; F. A. Morton; W. McKeil; A. A. Thompson (Lecturer on Economics); B. A. Archibald; M. Devereux; J. D. Walsh (Lecturer on Prescriptions); H. D. Madden (Lecturer on Materia Medica); J. Higson; A. S. MacKenzie (Ph.D., D.C.L., F.R.C.S., President of Dalhousie University); M. McDonald; A. F. Buckley (M.D., C.M., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics); E. K. McLellan (M.D., C.M., Lecturer on Physiology and Toxicology); and Professor C. B. Nickerson (Instructor on Chemistry) arranged around a photograph of the Forrest Building and a drawing of a mortar and pestle.

Climo's Studio

Composite photograph of Dalhousie University Pharmacy class of 1922

Item is a composite photograph of the 1922 Dalhousie pharmacy faculty and class. The photograph consists of portraits of A. H. Beaton; S. R. Forbes; A. P. Trask; R. O. Backman; H. MacDonald; B. Colquhoun; H. R. Hersey; R. C. Huestis; J. P. Driscoll; D. R. MacKinnon; E. D. Hines; A. L. Seldon; A. S. MacKenzie (President, Ph.D., F.R.S.E.); G. R. Gilroy; J. R. McFatridge; K. H. Staples; J. B. Melanson; J. I. MacKnight; E. M. McLeod; E. W. Todd (B.A.); M. D. MacDougall; L. L. Henshaw; C. W. Archibald; G. F. Sleggs (B.Sc.); S. R. Balcolm (Lecturer); J. D. Walsh (Lecturer); S. H. Keshen (M.D., C.M.); H. P. Collins; T. B. Horsler; F. A. Morton; D. F. Harris (D.S.C., F.R.S.E. & G.); G. A. Burbidge (Dean); L. C. Rice; and J. F. Curry arranged around a photograph of the Forrest Building and a drawing of a mortar and pestle.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Collage of Dalhousie University Pharmacy class of 1943

Item is a collage of the Dalhousie University Pharmacy class of 1943. The collage consists of photograph of Ada Brown; W. B. Terris; and N. A. MacKay arranged around a photograph of the Medical Sciences Building, later the George A. Burbidge Pharmacy Building (1968). There is a photograph of the Forrest Building underneath the photograph of the Medical Sciences Building. Elizabeth Ester Long (Sister Charles Clare) is listed as absent.

Composite photograph of Graduating Class and Faculty of Pharmacy

Item is a composite photograph of the 1951 graduating class and faculty of pharmacy. The photograph consists of portraits of W. H. Manson; R. M. Wallace; D. C. McDougall; F. B. Hopkins; C. H. Forbes; M. B. Campbell; D. B. Fay; J. R. McQuinn; E. A. Roy; R. P. Parkin; F. E. Donovan; J. E. Cooke; J. I. McKnight; G. R. Buckley; J. D. Walsh (Dean); D. A. Laughlin; J. B. O'Brien; E. D. Mosher; James E. McKinna; C. S. Moore; J. A. Stairs; D. D. Murchie; H. R. Cameron; S. W. Hare; F. A. Atkinson; John R. McKenna; and J. MacKinnon arranged around a photograph of the Medical Sciences Building, later the George A. Burbidge Pharmacy Building (1968).

Climo's Studio

Collage of College of Pharmacy Graduation Class of 1963

Item is a collage of the 1963 graduating class of the Dalhousie University College of Pharmacy. The collage consists of photographs of S. W. MacDonald; B. N. Hawkins; J. K. Tingley; K. W. Jarvis; D. R. Campbell; J. L. Williams; G. B. Yuill; S. R. Varner; B. G. Sarson; A. P. Howard; and J. G. McMellon. The photographs and captions are decorated with gold and silver geometric shapes.

Collage of College of Pharmacy Graduates of 1964

Item is a collage of the 1964 graduating class of the College of Pharmacy. The collage consists of photographs of J. L. Williams; J. F. Tucker; W. D. Kearns; B. G. Sarson; D. C. Hankinson; W. Matheson; F. D. Spriggs; M. P. Moore; R. C. Nadeau; M. J. Madden; D. O. Jamieson; and N. D. Beaton arranged around a prescription symbol.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law class of 1923

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie Faculty of Law class of 1923. The photograph consists of portraits of C. V. Harris; J. R. MacDonald; F. A. Hamilton; J. G. Hackett; R. D. Newsome; J. R. Nicholson; J. F. Davison; C. T. Harrison; J. F. MacNeill; C. F. MacIssac; A. G. Fulton; W. W. Holmes; C. L. Beazley; A. L. MacDonald; G. W. W. Ross; W. H. Morrison; G. P. Flavin; N. A. M. MacKenzie; T. R. Robertson; S. E. Smith; J. McG. Stewart; G. Patterson; W. J. O'Hearn; S. Jenks; J. E. Read; F. H. Bell; E. D. Lougheed; C. W. Townshend; E. Jerrett; R. A. MacLeod; H. M. Ferguson; C. S. Richardson; E. L. Cross; J. F. Mahoney; H. F. Munro; D. A. MacRae (Dean); W. B. Wallace; T. W. Murphy; R. E. Yeoman; C. J. Burchell; B. Russell; V. C. MacDonald; and E. P. Allison arranged around a photograph of the Forrest Building.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photograph of Faculty of Law first year class of 1970-71

File contains two copies of a photograph of the 1970-1971 first year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. This photograph includes students with last names L-Z. The photograph shows portraits of Robert Lechied; Norman S. Levine; Paul Lindsay; Allan Lipman; Janusz Lisowski; Bruce W. Long; Kenneth F. McCabe; Barry W. McCormack ; Gerald C. McCracken; William A. McLauchlin; Paul Mack ; Gregory J. Mansell; Charles Z. Markowitz; Brian R. Marshall; Douglas May; Mariano Mazzucco; Michael Mihailovich; Barry A. Miller; Gary D. Miller; George S. Monteith; Brian K. Morris; Robert J. Morris; Jack S. Mustoe; Salvatore S. Nasello; Harvey R. Newton; David L. Nicholds; Henry Nicpon; Stephen B. Norris; James W. Oliver; George Parker; John M. Payne; Issac L. Peck; Maurice P. M. Pellarin; Richard B. Peterson; Stanley J. Potter; Puteris, Algirdas, P.; Laurence J. Quattrini; Allan A. Rakowsky; Steven J. Repa; Graham W. Repei; Kenneth W. Rhodes; Laurence H. Richardson; Samuael R. Rickett; Mervin L. Riddell; Garth S. Roberts; Roman P. Romani; David E. Sayeau; Robert G. Schipper; Gary M. Scholl; Terri H. Semanyk; Josef J. Shuman; George E. Sinker; Ronald S. Sleightholm; Glen A. Smith; Paul F. Smith; Barboro Stalbecker; Ralph R. Stone; Larry Suffield; Barry J. Sullivan; Alan R. Sutherland; Gary Tate; George M. Tatham; Stanley C. Tessis; Linda D. Teteruck; John M. Tonge; Thomas J. Troyan; Charles Vaillancourt; Richard T. Van Dop; Miles H. Waxman; F. Stuart Watson; David I. Wakely; Andrew W. Werner; Judson D. Whiteside; and Robert A. Wilson which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in seven rows.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law class of 1971

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1971 graduating class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of B. L. Conrad; D. L. MacLellan; I. W. H. Bailey; H. E. MacKay; D. G. McColl; D. E. Thompson; J. S. McVIcar; E. E. Kellior; J. G. Langley; J. R. Asler; A. M. Crowe; G. W. Kostyshyn; A. W. Millar; G. M. Fulton; B. H. Black; P. R. Covert; S. L. Gaum; R. K. MacKinnon; E. A. Blackburn; R. W. Wright; J. C. W. M. Cooke; C. A. Carroll; C. A. Beckett; D. G. Gibson; L. M. Lenethen; J. W. Jordan; H. P. Puddester; A. A. MacIntyre; T. O. Boyne; W. A. McEwan; R. E. Davis; T. J. Mayhew; H. G. S. Adams; E. J. Rice; T. J. Chalker; W. J. Dyer; G. Lauzon; R. B. Plamondon; B. W. Piercey; P. Milliken; W. L. Ryan; M. Morrison; W. E. McKeown; D. W. Clark; W. A. Collins; R. F. M. Covert; C. A. Sheppard; J. L. Salter; B. Y. Prossin; D. J. Livesey; J. W. R. Day; K. F. Delehanty; M. G. Forse; M. H. Moreash; C. W. White; W. A. Sutherland; M. A. Carten; A. D. B. Moores; P. E. Caldwell; K. A. Burke; C. C. Breen; M. A. Farmer; D. F. Wallace; R. C. Murrant; M. A. Cameron; Dweryou; J. W. Pearson; C. E. Danielson; M. L. Phelan; G. F. Scott; J. F. Roil; R. L. Germaine; B. C. Corcker; H. D. MacIntosh; H. D. Dicks; D. B. Donovan; S. B. Outhouse; J. A. Adelaar; J. M. Dillon; P. D. Swan; and A. J. Jordan arranged in seven rows. W. K. Clark; R. W. Dick; W. B. Digby; B. D. Halderman; D. J. Lees; R. C. Levy; C. R. Lorway; J. M. MacNeil; G. J. Martin; B. I. Pendvidic; G. W. Stewart; J. A. Armour; M. M. Casey; C. B. Coutts; D. M. Jones; M. J. Larose; F. M. MacDonald; D. S. MacKimmie; M. R. McEniry; J. W. McInnes; J. A. Mitchell; T. Nella; D. L. Parsons; C. G. Philbrick; J. B. Rooney; and G. R. Sullivan are listed as absent from the photograph.

Photograph of Faculty of Law second year class of 1973-74

Item is a photograph of the 1973-1974 second year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph shows portraits of J. Backus; Brian R. Bawden; Thomas F. Baxter; Douglas H. Beatty; William G. Beatty; David A. Berk; Marvin M. Bernstein; Ivan L. Betcherman; M. Biderman; Peter B. Bland; Robert A. Boccia; Ronald A. Boratto; Murray R. Borndahl; Douglas H. Bovell; Michael P. Brady; Lawrence R. Bremner; Mary G. Bullas; Andrew E. Bortns; Marshall L. Calzavara; Sally E. Carmichael; Margaret A. Cartwright; Joseph P. Chertkow; Luigi E. Circelli; Barry J. Coughlin; Albert L. Cunningham; Emilio D'Ortenzio; Wayne D. Eitel; Murray J. Elston; Teresa L. Fairborn; Robert A. Farmer; Carolyn E. Fineberg; Richard A. Fink; John D. Fischer; Alan Fisher; Michael A. Fredericks; Armand L. Gagner; Marcel L. Gagnon; David B. Gallagher; Roy K. Gillespie; Stephen B. Ginsberg; Joram Gold; Daniel F. Hadley; Patricia A. Hardman; James D. Higginson; James A. Hitchon; Gregory P. Jones; Reino O. Kallio; Howard W. Kanoff; Stephen J. Kay; John R. Kennedy; Marianne Kozak; Michael Krepakevich; J. Laufer; Mary J. Leach; David R. Lenehan; Wayne A. Lenhardt; Elliot L. Lerner; Ivor Levstein; Gary R. Livesey; Deborah Livingstone; Michael F. Loebach; Patricia Lucasewich; James B. MacDonald; Elizabeth MacLennan; Paul V. McCallen; Thomas G. McCauley; Ronald McClelland; Archie D. McDonald; Katie McGowan; Louise M. McKillop; Warren J. McKnight; Barry R. McNaughton; Francis J. Mackin; Theodore J. Madison; Michaela C. Mailloux; Robert S. Mandel; Edward R. Marks; Denis S. Marshall; Mary E. Marshman; David R. Melitzer; Michael S. Mensour; Gary R. Merritt; Iris G. Morrison; Eric G. Nazzer; Robert Nightingale; Andrew Orr; Hugh J. Parker; Deborah A. Paul; Thomas Peacock; Robert E. Reed; William Renahan; Ronald Robertson; Margaret Robinson; Richard Rohrer; Norman Ronski; Irving Rosenberg; Linda C. Roulet; David D. Roy; Gerald F. Ruch; Dean D. Russell; Nancy A. Savage; Eugene M. Sawchuk; Allison Sawyer; Elisabeth Scarff; Andrea Scharf; Eleanor Schnall; Julia A. Schwartz; Raymond G. Selbie; Ronald Shackleton; Terence Shaughnessy; John W. Shipton; Leonard Siegel; David Silverson; Marianne Sinclair; C. Paul Spurgeon; Patricia Stanko; David E. Storry; Ping-Teng Tan; Paul M. Thompson; Yunus Timol; Richard Tinsley; T. Harry Tugender; John D. Unsworth; Issac Van Lange; James D. Virtue; Victor Wall; George M. Ward; John R. Weber; Edward Werner; Allan I. Wexler; C. Bruce Willson; J. Craig Wilson; Nora M. Winter; Victor S. Wong; John E. Young; James J. Ziegler; and John Zych which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in twelve rows.

Photograph of Faculty of Law third year class of 1973-74

Item is a photograph of the 1973-1974 third year class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph shows portraits of Cavan B. Acheson; Guiseppe Agostino; William R. Allan; Kenneth S. C. Anderson; Marilyn S. Appel; Mary L. Armour; Joseph J. M. Arvay; Sukhdev S. Aujla; Richard A. Bailey; James T. Bartram; Brian D. Batchelar; Henry Berg; Robert R. Berry; Douglas W. Blair; Alexander Bolotenko; Fausto P. Boniferro; Peter L. Bortolussi; Ian M. Boundy; David S. Braund; Melvin H. Brown; Leo A. Butkus; Anne M. Carere; David G. Carr; Gordon R. Chapman; John R. Collins; Ottavio Colosimo; Robert E. Corbett; Patrick R. Corless; David C. L. Coveny; Douglas C. Crozier; Derek A. Danielson; Marita J. Daniliunas; Frank A. De Santis; Jane H. Devlin; Dennis A. Dowker; Daniel J. Dunlop; Steven C. Dunn; Michael Eisenstein; Peter J. Elliott; Hilde M. English; John M. Faris; Marie E. Ferguson; Gary E. Flaxbard; Allan M. Freedman; Robert T. Furlonger; Nicklolas W. Fursman; Larry H. Gilbertson; Elizabeth A. Godfrey; Jeffrey C. Goldberg; Douglas A. Goslin; Robert B. Gray; Glenn A. Hainey; D. M. Harley; William D. Harrow; Michael F. Head; Larry A. Hipfner; John G. Howes; Michael D. Ingle; Robert H. L. Innes; Claude Isaacksz; David J. Jackson; Vilbert Jacques; Robert S. Johns; Gordon R. Johnson; Frederick G. Jones; P. Berk Keaney; Harry G. Keenan; Paul J. P. Kilby; Gregory J. Kinlin; Frances P. Kiteley; Mary M. Koenigsberg; George Krusell; Michael L. Lamont; Raymond F. Leach; Frances M. Leathers; Frederick B. Lee; Colin D. Leitch; John R. Lisowski; H. A. Patrick Little; Donald S. Luther; Peter M. MacAulay; Elvey B. Marshall; John C. McCarthy; Robert J. McFarlane; Evlyn L. McGivney; Patrick L. McGuire; Brian R. McLellan; Sean V. McMahon; Nicholas J. Minov; Donald K. Morrison; Richard H. Muir; Jerry J. Nagle; Douglas C. New; Perry S. W. Oram; Alfred E. Owen; Leon Palvetzian; Mark G. F. Parrott; Sydney P. Pearson; Linda W. Pittaway; Arnold Recht; Rosemary Regan; Robert O. Richardson; Thomas E. Roche; Stephen A. Rosen; Janice K. Roth; David M. Russell; Douglas S. Scott; James D. Searle; Paul I. Shaw; Wayne N. Shipley; John G. Smart; Franciscus C. Smeenk; Brian C. Smith; G. Patrick Smith; J. C. Spearn; John G. Starzynski; Steven J. Stefanko; Francis G. Steffler; James A. Stiles; Paul J. Sullivan; William J. Tidball; Michael K. Titherington; Errol W. Townshend; Turner, James, E. A.; Victor L. Vandergust; Guy A. Wainwright; Thomas E. Walsh; Bruce L. Welling; Raymond M. J. Werbicki; Harold J. Wood; Judith M. Woods; and Martin K. Zeidenberg which are mounted on a wall with photo corners and arranged in eleven rows.

Composite photograph of Faculty of Law graduates of 1980

File contains three copies of a composite photograph of the 1980 graduating class of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Law. The photograph consists of portraits of M. J. Beeler; A. L. Chapman; D. J. Cook; G. C. Coughtry; J. England; C. Gordon; D. A. Graves; S. A. Griffith; G. B. Hoganson; D. P. P. Holland; M. L. Sewell; M. C. Jones; L. Labelle; A. E. MacDonald; E. J. Murphy; D. G. Padgett; D. A. Proutfoot; S. Ray; P. A. Robson; J. G. Shatford; T. L. Wakeham; R. A. Withers; D. H. Zatzman; L. Clark; R. J. Aveling; M. J. Cleary; M. L. Cohen; D. K. MacDonald; J. A. MacLean; J. C. Travers; R. Grant; J. L. M. McKeough; J. M. March; M. S. Rosen; R. A.. Conway; P. G. Clahane; J. P. Zive; M. H. Young; A. L. Batten; F. F. Fatt; C. MacDonald; M. C. Heneghan; D. J. Gillis; T. G. Charron; A. W. Pylypuk; W. E. Oppel; J. M. Haughn; M. L. MacDonald; D. J. Bartol; K. A. O'Brien; W. R. Burke; P. R. Hames; D. A. Peddle; A. G. Walker; F. I. Buchan; C. M. Campbell; R. Reid; J. C. Darling; J. P. Andrews; A. G. Oliver; J. Plomp; J. A. Woodrow; S. E. Isaacs; J. S. Friley; P. T. Zed; R. A. Row; M. J. Kellerman; J. S. M. Koskie; C. R. Sinclaire; R. W. Smith; S. B. Hankinson; T. D. Depoe; R. F. Redgrave; M. F. MacDonald; K. L. Baggs; D. Camp; P. K. Mukherjee; C. J. Price; J. B. Medjuck; T. S. Reiber; M. J. Ferguson; F. R. Gronich; S. L. Hamilton; J. A. Wilmot; M. W. Miller; L. I. MacDonald; S. G. Thompson; P. E. Kinley; J. K. Hathaway; C. A. Ellis; E. C. Foley; B. J. Jones; D. J. Ring; J. H. Beck; C. L. Carruthers; M. E. MacDonald; W. H. Mackie; B. G. Jonston; B. M. Thomson; W. A. Ionson; C. D. MacDougall; J. G. Spurr; M. F. Keating; D. C. Elliott; B. M. Stetson; R. I. MacDonald; G. J. Cochrane; M. A. Cowtan; D. A. Reardon; V. M. M. Bennett; V. A. E. Dyer; N. B. Hill; R. P. Doherty; M. S. McPhee; J. C. Morris; M. G. Baker; A. F. Fenske; C. J. Enman; M. M. Kennedy; M. J. Butler; A. W. Scott; C. A. LeBlanc; S. S. Mircheff; D. R. Reid; J. E. C. Bourque; C. C. Harris; J. Kim; J. A. Feehan; L. H. Abugov; W. G. Gushue; M. J. Main; P. L. Buchholz; F. E. Boody; A. Joughin; N. P. Kent; A. J. Fried; D. J. Stoesser; D. MacLennan; A. S. Derrick; and R. L. Pace arranged in eight rows.

Composite photograph of Dalhousie University Arts, Science and Engineering class of 1918

Item is a composite photograph of the 1918 graduating class of the Dalhousie University faculties of arts, science, and engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of W. R. McClelland; C. F. Bowes; J. C. Distant (President); A. S. MacKenzie (President); M. MacNeil; H. Murray; L. L. Harrison; D. A. MacRae; F. L. Moore; A. MacMechen; D. S. MacIntosh; H. L. Stewart; H. L. Bronson; C. H. Woody; E. MacKay; J. N. Finlayson; C. L. Moore; H. P. Jones; J. E. Todd; H. B. Dickey; B. E. Bayne; S. MacDonald (Vice President); E. P. Duchemin (Valedictorian); O. R. Crowell; H. R. Chipman; A. S. Murray; B. Urquhart; C. MacKinnon; D. M. E. MacKay; E. Chisholm; J. Campbell; M. MacDougall; N. McColl; A. MacKenzie; G. Harper; G. Fraser; C. W. MacMillan; K. Buchanan; A. A. Turnbull; J. H. Whelpley; G. Mason; R. A. Ross; D. Russell; J. R. Merrick; E. Simpson; C. Anderson; M. Buchanan; J. W. Keddy; W. Forsythe; G. R. Forbes; F. Mooney; K. Tattrie; J. A. D. Good; L. Bearisto; Jean Ross; C. Noiles; M. Southerland; E. Philips; S. Morash; A. Hemphill; V. Moore; J. Munroe; M. Dence; W. R. Cameron; J. A. McLean; J. Bentley; A. G. Fulton; H. V. Chow; Hugh Bell; J. T. McK. Harris; F. L. Fisher; H. Arthur; S. Keshen; J. B. C. Carson; L. T. Pentz; H. A. Mosley; E. D. Haliburton; J. S. Bonnell; A. J. Fraser; S. I. Robinson; V. A. Grierson; C. StC. Stayner; and E. T. Hallett arranged in several columns with photographs of the Forrest building and two other buildings.

Climo's Studio

Composite photograph of Arts, Science, Engineering and Commerce Faculty and Class of 1924

Item is a composite photograph of the 1924 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, and Commerce. The photograph consists of portraits of W. P. Copp; H. Murray; D. McIntosh; J. N. Gomanlock; H. P. Jones; B. C. Hunt; H. P. Bell; J. H. L. Johnstone; M. C. H. Mercer; H. L. Bronson; H. L. Stewart; M. MacNeil; A. MacMechan; A. S. MacKenzie (President); A. B. Morton (Life Treasurer); B. A. Seaman; G. E. Mills; D. S. Campbell (Life President); Donald McInnes; R. F. Ross; T. R. Sutherland; A. I. Mader; H. F. Munro; F. W. Bissett; M. MacKenzie; H. Campbell; M. E. MacKay; A. D. MacKinnon; J. W. Longley; C. L. Bennet; D. S. MacIntosh; C. B. Nickerson; H. S. King; E. W. Nichols; G. E. Wilson; W. R. Maxwell; K. M. Onttensham; E. M. Black; W. H. Swan; W. T. Harrison; T. J. W. Beckwith; D. M. T. Lonston; R. H. Norton; T. C. Coffin; W. T. Richardson; R. C. Robb; R. F. Ross; D. MacCarthy; R. M. Williams; G. H. Pringle; T. A. Robertson; J. W. Sutherland; M. R. Butler; C. E. Read; S. B. Profitt; D. McEnish; H. Hamilton; M. E. Smetnam; E. J. Jamer; W. A. Hemat; C. H. Parks; T. M. MacCalder; M. G. Colquhoun; E. W. Nichols; R. S. MacLeod; M. E. Hohen; E. F. Rogers; H. A. Frame; F. C. A. Power; F. MacKinnon; J. D. N. MacDonald; A. G. McKean (Life Vice President); J. L. Thurber; M. J. O'Connor; M. E. King; and E. E. McKay arranged in several rows around photograph of three buildings and a crest.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Arts, Science, Commerce and Engineering Faculty and Class of 1934

This file contains 2 copies of the composite photograph of the 1934 faculty and class of the Dalhousie University faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, and Engineering. The photograph consists of portraits of S. Siegel; A. W. Mutch; J. R. H. Sutherlnad; M. S. Findlay; G. G. Simms; C. I. Mackay; N. Green; G. A. A. Beveridge; E. L. Garber; M. C. P. MacIntosh; D. Vernon; M. Etter; H. D. Remillard; G. M. Baird; I. P. Cox; E. Goodman; M. K. Moxon; M. K. Napier; D. H. Mackay; D. M. Ross; D. P. Rhind; I. C. Pink; E. A. Crathorne; A. E. Longard; G. E. Darrach; B. K. Coady; J. R. C. Fraser; T. N. Mitchell; D. D. Zwicker; E. C. Pace; R. M. Flemming; A. J. Meagher; H. Cramm; W. R. Copp; E. M. Hunt; H. R. Belyea; D. L. Redmond; M. A. MacDonald; F. K. Stewart; H. P. Connor; G. G. Cook; D. G. Baker; F. J. Dougherty; M. R. Duggan; G. M. Jost; H. B. Walker; M. R. Burris; W. McKie; C. A. Howse; M. E. Strum; A. L. DeWolf; J. D. Crease; S. M. Winfield; J. R. Millar; M. T. Crichton; J. E. Richardson; R. J. Batt; W. E. Goodman; D. F. Archibald; R. M. MacFarlane; W. K. Clark; M. G. Clennett; C. W. Stanley (President); M. M. McNeil; R. Gautheron; E. W. Nichols; W. P. Copp; C. L. Bennet; H. P. Bell; H. L. Stewart; C. B. Nickerson; G. E. Wilson; J. M. MacDonald; H. L. Bronson; D. B. Stewart; B. A. Stoddard; F. A. Rhuland; D. M. Sinclair; H. D. Seely; R. F. O'Brien; D. A. Murray; M. M. Purtill; H. G. Herman; A. R. Harrington; R. L. Douglas; L. A. Bown; D. B. Sutherland; B. O. W. Isner; A. S. MacRae; S. Joseph; I. Portnoy; H. L. Knodell; W. F. Fraser; J. C. Benny; D. F. Oland; F. B. Squire; C. W. McKinnon; D. L. MacIntosh; H. H. Williamson; R. L. Aikens; R. W. Dorman; D. Macleod; H. M. Burry; I. M. MacKeigan; I. R. Gold; A. S. MacIntosh; L. J. Crowdis; S. S. Balkin; D. R. Pugsley; D. K. Crowdis; G. G. Lehv; F. L. Page; H. C. Reynolds; M. L. Manual; H. C. Spurr; R. L. Milner; M. Claener; S. L. Chinchin; I. Deutsch; S. B. Berkowitz; W. B. Beazley; and L. P. Frankel arranged around photographs of three buildings.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photograph of Dalhousie University Arts and Science freshman group in the autumn of 1893

Item is a photograph of the 1893 Dalhousie University arts and science freshman group. The portrait includes George Sutherland Macleod; Robert Lewis Coffin; Oliphant Miller Archibald; Alexander Hugh Denoon; Alexander L. MacKay; Archibald J. Macdonald; Donald McOdrum; George Frederick Pearson; Albert Edwin Crockett; Eben Henry Archibald; James Roland Morton; Ebenezer Ross Faulkner; Harry Esson Pyke; Stewart Clifford McLean; William Chamberlain; Charles Jost Burchell; David McKeen Reid; John Augustin Meagher; Percy James Smith; Arthur Ross; Milton Robert Young; Alexander David Blair; Peter F. Lawson; William H. Waddell; Harold Marston Clark; Robert Pollock Murray; Ira McKay; James Wheeler; Leander Blair McLellan; William Oban Farquharson; Harry Wilfred Stephen; Ralph Conrod; Ruth Ellen Maxwell; Dora L. Burgoyne; Minnie Sibells Grant; Winifred Gillis Burns; Jean H. Lyall; Annie M. Rand; Rena May Magee; Margaret Thompson; Robert McConnell Hattie; Laughlin A. Maclean; James Ross Millar; William Dakin; William Reid Robinson; Arthur Frankline Fisher; George Herbert Maxwell; and Douglas Ross Keddy siting or standing in several rows.

Aerial photograph of the University of King's College campus and the Northwest Arm

Item is an aerial photograph of the University of King's College campus, part of the Dalhousie University Studley campus, and the Northwest Arm. Howe Hall, the Sir James Dunn Science Building, the Nova Scotia Public Archives, the University of King's College, and the education building are shown in the photograph.

Field, D. B.

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