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Women's Time

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Women's Time. This 15-minute program features news and interviews related to women's issues and women in the arts. It aired on The Evening Affair, CKDU's evening public affairs program.

No Time for Humour

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program No Time for Humour, a half hour long comedy show that ran from 1984 to 1987. It contained original content written and produced by the Seal Cub.

Rita MacNeil in Japan

Series consists of records documenting the production and publicity and marketing activities of this project. The project is a documentary which follows Rita MacNeil touring and performing in Japan in 1985. Chris Zimmer's first production was produced for the CBC. It was directed by Lulu Keating and written by Chris Zimmer. This series contains a two-sheeter and video recordings.

Directing records of Jenny Munday

Series contains documents related to theatrical productions directed by Jenny Munday. The documents include directing contracts; programs and other promotional material from the productions; reviews of the productions; greeting cards congratulating Munday for the productions; and other documents.

Radio Free World

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Radio Free World. This program combined news and features from shortwave radio stations to provide various perspectives on a topic. Hosts of the program included Mike Hymers, Roger Dillon, and Gene Huh.

International Perspectives

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program International Perspectives. This program discussed world issues and politics, and was hosted by various Political Science and International Relations graduate students at Dalhousie University, including Andy Knight, Sanjay Singh Yadav, and Peter McKenna.


This series contains scripts read during "ScriptTease" and the "Playwright's Corner."

Idle Reels

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program Idle Reels. Idle Reels was one of the original programs broadcast on CKDU when it began in 1984. The program is made up of approximately 30 minute episodes of experimental sound compositions, which aired at 11:30 pm.

Coast to Coast

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Coast to Coast. Coast to Coast was one of the original programs hosted and broadcast on 97.5 FM in 1984. It was a weekly program provided exposure for local bands.

Title Waves

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Title Waves. This program featured interviews with Canadian authors, predominantly from the Atlantic provinces. It was produced by CKDU radio and aired on The Evening Affair, CKDU's evening public affairs program.


Series consists of records documenting the administrative, creative, financial, legal, production, and publicity and marketing activities of this project. This film was based on J. Bernlef's best-selling novel Hersenschimmen ( Out of Mind). It focuses on a Dutch married couple living in Cape Breton and coping with the husband's advancing Alzheimer's disease. The 113-minute drama was co-produced by Imagex, directed by Heddy Honigman, and written by J. Bernlef. The cast starred Joop Admiraal and Marja Kok. Mindshadows was shown at film festivals in Berlin and Montreal in the 1980s and was also included in the 1993 retrospective of Canadian film Les Cinema du Canada in Paris. This series contains agreements, correspondence, a crew list, credits, film posters, production stills, promotional materials, release prints, scripts, transcripts, a treatment, and video recordings.

The Word is Out

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program The Word is Out, a weekly lesbian and gay public affairs series. This show was listed in 1993 as Metro's only lesbian and gay radio show, and played on CKDU's program The Evening Affair. The Word is Out was hosted by Connie Clark, Brenda Barnes, and Dan Hart, among others, and included interviews from Donna Mayer and Nathan Elling. It was produced and created by Halifax locals, and covered news, reviews, and more.


  • UA-47, Box 29
  • Series
  • June 22, 1985 - February 1, 1986
  • Part of CKDU Radio fonds

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program Sportsline. Played on The Evening Affair (CKDU-FM’s evening public affairs program), this sports-based show is hosted by Mark Alberstat and features guests including Dr. Robert Stocker of Dal Health and the Nova Scotia Bodybuilding Association.

Music score library

Subseries contains all scores found within the Upstream Music Association fonds, including compositions by Upstream musicians, commissioned works, and scores used in recording sessions, workshops, and performances.

Grant and award records of Jenny Munday

Series contains documents related to theatre grants and awards that were applied for or received by Jenny Munday. The documents include completed application forms; resumes, scripts, and other material that was included in the applications; correspondence with the organizations providing the grants; reports; certificates from awards that Munday received; and other documents.

R. Graham Murray's appointment certificates

Series includes R. Graham Murray's certificate of distinction from Dalhousie Law School; a certificate of appointment as member of the Board of Commissioners of Victoria General Hospital; and a certificate of appointment as vice chairman of the Health Services and Insurance Commission.

Catherine Banks' financial and legal records

Series contains records related to grants applied for and received by Catherine Banks, as well as contracts and publishing agreements. Other records related to specific productions or plays is listed in subseries under the play title series as well as filed by the donor with related manuscripts.

The Restructuration of the Faroese Economy

Series consists of records and research for the book The Restructuration of the Faroese Economy: The Significance of the Inner Periphery written by Apostle, Dennis Holm, Gestur Hovgaard, Olavur Waag Hognesen, and Bjarni Mortensen. Other types of records include correspondence, studies, financial budgets for the project, meeting minutes, and notes.

Leslie E. Haley's records regarding the Gambia project

Series consists of Leslie E. Haley's materials regarding his involvement in the Gambia project, Dalhousie University's Gambia College Development Program. Series includes a financial statement, legal release forms, event programmes, correspondence, and other textual records.

Wendy Lill's correspondence

Series contains professional correspondence between Wendy Lill and various theatres, publishers and fans. The correspondence covers a wide range of Lill's publishing, production of her plays, and other professional activities.

Office Manager

Series represents the independent work of the Office Manager. Records include documents pertaining to the management of the Symphony’s office space and supplies, memos, and other internal correspondence.

Records of the Symphony Nova Scotia Board of Directors

Series contains meeting minutes and packages, which were filed variously by either calendar year or fiscal year, and either separate from or together with Executive Committee minutes. The original order of these files has been maintained. Meeting packages may contain copies of reports, correspondence, media clippings or other materials introduced or distributed at meetings. Series also contains annual reports of Symphony Nova Scotia.

Folle Embellie

Series consists of records documenting the administrative, creative, financial, legal, production, and publicity and marketing activities of this project. This feature film is set in 1942 war-time France and follows inmates released from an institution by the chaos of the war. The 100-minute drama was written and directed by Dominique Cabrera and starred Miou-Miou, Jean-Pierre Leaud, Yoland Moreau, Gabriel Arcand, and Pascale Montpetit. A France/Belgium/Canada co-production, the film was completed in French with English sub-titles. This series contains agreements, applications, a cast list, a chain of title, correspondence, cost reports, credits, dialogue translations, director's notes, incorporation documents, press releases, publicity-related materials, schedules, scripts, a synopsis, and video recordings.

Workshops, conferences and meetings

This series consists of records relating to conferences, workshops and meetings that Girard has been a part of. Types of records include material from the conferences, papers he has presented and notes he has taken while at the events.

Girard, Philip

Symphony Nova Scotia's photographs

Series contains photographs taken by the Symphony of its performers or performances, promotional photographs of guest artists given to the Symphony, and film or negative advertisements for publication in the Symphony’s programs.

Board of Directors

Series represents the higher-level administrative functions performed by the Board of Directors and the various committees that report to it. Records include biographies and other documents pertaining to board members, minutes from various committees and their attendant reports, and minutes and other documents pertaining to the organization of the Symphony’s Annual General Meetings.

Short Happy Life

  • UA-47, Box 29
  • Series
  • November 18, 1983 - February, 1986
  • Part of CKDU Radio fonds

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 radio drama program Short Happy Life. This weekly half-hour show features short stories rendered as dramatic readings.

Novanet committee records

Series includes committee minutes, correspondence between committee members and background material. Novanet is run by committees, and these files provide detailed information on the activities of each committee.

Writings of Donald Higgins

This series consists of drafts of papers and articles written by Donald Higgins, such as The Process of Reorganizing Government, and Approaches to Local Government Reorganization: Continuities and Discontinuities in Nova Scotia.

Teaching and courses

The Teaching and courses contains materials used and created in Dalhousie Theatre Department courses. The types of records included here are syllabi, video of auditions and in class showings, assignment descriptions, student work, audition materials, and resource materials.

Programs and publications

Series contains the printed programs given by the Symphony to those in attendance at concerts and fundraising events. It also contains newsletters and season brochures for single-ticket sales and subscriptions.


Series represents the functions performed by the CEO, who acts in a position of leadership for the Symphony’s administrative and organizational staff. Documents present here include contract negotiations and contracts, schedules of rehearsals and performances, correspondence and other documents pertaining to professional organizations, publications from professional organizations, and applications and correspondence related to government grants.

Solar heating projects

Series consists of documents relating to Power Brothers' involvement in solar heating initiatives in the 1980s, namely the government-led Solar Domestic Hot Water Program and Canadian Oil Substitute Program. With authorization from vendors like the Canadian Solar Industries Association and Norsun, Powers Brothers sold and installed many solar water heaters in homes around Lunenburg. These jobs were often residential, but there were a few systems installed at local businesses and organizations. The documents in this series include correspondence with government agencies, solar heating companies and associations, and clients, job estimates,

Major Plays of the Canadian Theatre

The series consists of records pertaining to Perkyns' anthology, Major Plays of the Canadian Theatre, 1934-1984 , including correspondence (1982-1988) pertaining to both research and publication of the anthology, research notes, corrections and revisions for the text, a copy of the final draft, reviews of the book (1984), and an interview with Michael Cook which was recorded on audio cassette.
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