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Farming in Canada

This file is a booklet titled "Farming in Canada" by Canada Department of Agriculture. - Publication 1296. - 1975 Revised. "This publication is a general review of farming in Canada. It outlines the physical and social conditions under which farming is carried out, the various types of production found from coast to coast, the means by which farm products reach the consumer, and the steps taken by the federal government to assist the farmer and safeguard the nation's food supply."

Booklets on the Schools of Agriculture, Horticulture, and the Provincial Normal School

This file contains five booklets : 2 copies of "The School of Agriculture 1885 - 1905" by Harvey W. MacPhee ; 1985. 2 copies of "The Nova Scotia School of Horticulture 1894-1904" by Sean D. Smith ; 1987. 1 copy of "Alexander Forrester and the Establishment of a Normal School" by Robert P Harvey ; 1989.

Sheer hard work does pay off; N.S. woman helped get New Zealand longjohns on world markets

This item is a printout of an online news article entitled "Sheer hard work does pay off ; N.S. woman helped get New Zealand long johns on world markets. By Suzanne Robicheau. Accessed 9 January, 2007. Article is about Nova Scotia Agricultural College alumna Fiona Nettleton (Class of ’86) who became a shearer in New Zealand and helped build a company who makes merino wool thermal underwear.

The cooperative movement and principles of consumers cooperation

This file contains 2 pamphlets annotated with “A. B. Banks” and “A.B. B.” It is suspected this is two different people. It is assumed that A. B. Banks” or “Anthony Banks” is the same as the namesake award, the A. B. Banks Memorial Scholarship. From the website: “This scholarship is given by friends and family in memory of A.B. Banks, a former Director of Livestock Services Branch, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing. Mr. Banks was highly dedicated to the agricultural industry throughout his 35 year career in Nova Scotia and elsewhere in Atlantic Canada. He was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley and graduated from the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College and the Ontario Agricultural College. His career included service with the Canada Department of Agriculture, the Newfoundland Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing. As one of the first agricultural representative in Nova Scotia, he served the counties of Colchester, Halifax, and Cumberland. He was a strong advocate of improved farm management skills and believed this to be an important key to improving agricultural production.”

Farm trailers, wagons and racks

This item is 2 copies of the same textual record

Citation: Kalbfleisch, W., Armstrong, J.M., Cooper, D.J. and Magee, A.I. 1950. Farm Trailers, Wagons and Racks. Publication 830, Farmers' Bulletin 159. Department of Agriculture, Experimental Farms Service, Ottawa.

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