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North America Subseries
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Essays and interviews of Kenneth Leslie

Subseries contains essays written by Kenneth Leslie when he was a student at both Dalhousie University and Harvard University. Subseries also contains interview transcripts, research notes, and brief biographical sketches written by Leslie.


This sub-series contains the full-text resources and article citations about wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait) production and marketing in Eastern Canada and Maine, including bibliographies, research reports, newsletters, and abstracts. Topics covered include: horticulture, management, crop culture, varieties, improvement harvesting, storage, processing, products – utilization, soil management, soil fertility, fertilizers, insects - diseases - pests, entomology, plant insects, plant pathology, weeds. rodents and pests, crop buildings and equipment, field machinery, production economics, and marketing.


This sub-series contains inter-department correspondences and faculty speeches of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. These were published between 1911-1975.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick region

This sub-series contains records related to the operations of the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick regions contributions to the The National Farm Radio Forum from 1937-65. The sub-series consists of correspondence, memos, guides, annual reports and minutes from the regional and national meetings and conferences. Some of the records were created and collected by Longly and C.A. Douglas, as well as regional secretary Rosemary Campbell. It was a national rural listening-discussion group project sponsored by the Canadian Association for Adult Education, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and CBC. Initially, this program was a dramatized discussion of farm problems in wartime, arranged in cooperation with the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, and the Canadian Association for Adult Education. Eventually, it evolved into discussions by individuals from various communities across the country. The program was developed by Orville Shugg and Neil Morrison.

Berry Research (Vol.13)

This accession contains papers, correspondence, photographs, and signs created and collected by Gordon Kinsman during his research of berries in Nova Scotia between 1965 and 1991.

Dalhousie Theatre : Mary Stuart

File contains three pencil sketches of costume designs for Dalhousie Theatre's production of Mary Stuart. The sketches have been torn from a spiral bound notebook.

Dalhousie Theatre : The Possibilities

File contains eleven oil pastel sketches of costume and set designs for Dalhousie Theatre's 1991 production of The Possibilities. Each sketch is for a specific scene in the play and shows several figures wearing costumes.

Dalhousie Theatre : The Rivals

File contains fifteen watercolour sketches of costume designs for Dalhousie Theatre's 1982 production of The Rivals. All sketches are mounted with a plastic cover in a dark red mat.

Dalhousie Theatre : Rose

File contains two costume designs for Dalhousie Theatre's 1984 production of Rose. The designs are drawn in pencil on grey card.

Dalhousie Theatre : The Sea

File contains photocopies of eleven costume designs from Dalhousie Theatre's 1983 production of The Sea. One of the costume designs has fabric swatches attached to it.

Dalhousie Theatre : Spring Awakening

File contains four drawings and six photocopies of costume designs for Dalhousie Theatre's 1977 production of Spring Awakening. Several of the items have fabric swatches attached.

Dalhousie Theatre : The Tempest

File contains 20 pastel and pencil sketches of costume designs for Dalhousie Theatre's 1991 production of The Tempest. Each sketch shows a costume design for one character. The sketches are drawn on dark blue heavyweight paper.

Dalhousie Theatre : Cloud Nine

File contains 14 costume designs for Dalhousie Theatre's 1989 production of Cloud Nine. The designs are pencil sketches on heavyweight paper. The sketches have been torn from a spiral bound sketchbook and some of the torn edges have not been cut off. The file also contains nine black and white photocopies of some of the sketches.
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