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Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1908

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Class of 1908. Photograph includes 12 photocopies of individual student portraits and one sepia photograph of the Halifax Medical College. Composite photograph includes student portraits of: F.H. Reid; R.A. MacLellan; M.R. McGarry; S.H. Thibault; S.R. Johnston; J.G. Bruce; W.L. MacLean; W. Patton; B.W. Mosher; S.R. Brown; M.E. McGarry; W.A. MacLeod.

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1961

File is a composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine Class of 1961. The photograph consists of portraits of D.M. Aitken; R.B. Auld; R.I. Bernick; D.H. Betts; C.E. Brooks; N.T. Catanuto; B.M.D. Chandler; M.R. Clark; G.M. Coulson; W.F. Dennis; I.O. Drysdale; R.C. Fraser; J.N. Gerstenfeld; F.I. Gilchrist; W.R. Gillis; E.J. Goldman; J.G. Hatfield; E.B. Johnson; E.O.W. Knight; C.L. Lake; A.K. Lawson; T. Lipitz; I.G. Lipton; E.J. McCarron; L.V.A. MacDonald; S.G. MacIsaac; J.S. MacKay; J.A. McPhail; W.F. Mason; D.J.G. Morris; E. Mayall; R.A. Perry; W.G. Phillips; H.H. Pratt; E.V. Rafuse; B.L. Reid; B. Steinburg; D.W. Thibeault; C.A. Trask; R.C. Tsang; G.W.B. Warren; W.P. Warren.

Photograph of the first Sabin vaccine administration in Canada

File is a xerox photocopy of a photograph of first Sabin oral vaccine in Canada. Inscription reads: This photograph, taken in 1961, when the first Sabin oral vaccine in Canada was administered at Wedgeport, was used on the Peoples Tree at Expo 67 last year. It shows Dr. V.K. Rideout, director of western Health Unit, talking with the mother and child who were the first to receive the vaccine. Dr. C.E. VanRooyen, director, division, division of laboratories, and Miss Cecile Amirault, supervisor of nurses, Yarmouth, lock on. (National Film Board, Bob Brooks).

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Fourth Year Class, 1977-1978

File is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, Fourth Year Class - 1977-1978. The photograph consists of portraits of Wendy, Amirault, Vincenzo Arcieri-Piersanti, Duncan Armstrong, John Baker, Jane Barlow, Harris Barton, Laurence Barzelai, Gordon Beck, Helen Bell, Allen Bishop, Joanne Blaxland, Kevin Bonner, Benjamin Boucher, Alan Buckley, George Burden, Robert Burris, Kenneth Chen, Mark Clark, Jacqueline Cloney, Alban Comeau, Robert Cooper, Gary Costain, Anthony Costantino, Warren Crooks, Yolands D'Intino, Thomas Davies, Carolyn Dean, Margaret Dingle, Rebecca Dobson, Anne Drysdale, Bruce Dykeman, Jacquelyn Evans, Leon Everett, Michael Fleming, Pamela Forsythe, Catherine George,Thomas Goulding, Robert Graham, Elizabeth Guptill, William Harper, David Hirsch, Brian Horsman, Keith Jackson, Shawn Jennings, David Kallio, Patrick Killorn, Thomas Laughlin, Joseph Lawen, Norman Lister, Mary Lobban, Harold MacCausland, Diane MacDonald, Francis MacDonald, Linda MacDonald, Robert MacDonald, Alexander MacDougall, John Roy MacEachern, David MacRae, Bernard McIntyre, Roger McKelvey, Monica McNeill, Ronald Milne, Thomas Morgan, Thomas Murphy, Michael Murphy, Gerald Wyatt, Richard Nason, Attilio Negro, Paul Newton, Patrick O'Connor, Mihkel Oja, Dustan Osborn, Thomas Park, Robert Paterson, James Poirier, Allen Rodgers, Rita Ruparelia, Sonia Russell, Beatriz Sainz, Brian Schnare, Robert Sliver, Thomas Simpson, Paul Smith, Robert Taylor, Anna Timell, Brenda Tomilson, Hendrik Visser, William Vlahos, Earle Wadden, Bruce Walmsley, Robert Webb, Elric Winter.

Aerial photograph of the IWK and Dalhousie Carleton campus with Citadel Hill and city centre in the background.

File is an aerial photograph of Halifax's IWK, Dalhousie University Carleton campus. Inscription on verso estimates date based on post-construction of IWK but pre-construction of the Rehabilitation Centre on the corner of Summer and University. Also pre-construction of the Nova Scotia Public Archives.

Photograph of Bill Owen, staff member at the W.K. Kellogg Library

File is a photograph of Bill Owen accompanied by his obituary. Obituary reads: OWEN, William Hampton (Bill) / Owen, William Hampton (Bill) - 59, Halifax, passed away peacefully at home i the early hours of April 5, 1998, after a long struggle with cancer. Born in Townsville, Australia, Bill was the only child of the late Gordon Hampton Owen and the late Ruth (Clarke) Owen. Bill had a rich and varied life that took many interesting turns. He graduated from Melbourne University with a B.Sc. in 1960 and M.Sc. in 1964, and from Sydney University with a PhD in reproductive physiology in 1969. That same year he came to Halifax on post-doctoral fellowship with the Fisheries Research Board. After two years, he was in search of a career change and drove tractor trailers for a year before setting off for travels in Central and South America. After he returned to Canada, he spent a years studying Grizzly bears in the Arctic, then in 1975 took an M.Sc. in medical parasitology at the London School of Tropical Medicine. Following this, he worked as a miner in Thompson, Man., and then on the log booms on the British Columbia coast. In 1980, he graduated from Dalhousie University with a master of library service, and settled down to being a reference librarian at the Kellogg Health Science Library for the next 17 years, until his early retirement in June 1997 due to ill health. He was an avid bird watcher, photographer, traveller and had a great love of poetry, music and nature. Bill was a tireless advocate of the rights of the East Timorese, and many other causes both local and global. He had a keen wit and a booming laugh, and lived his life with great honesty, integrity and generosity. Bill is mourned by his beloved wife, Audrey Louise Samson, and his cherished children, Phoebe Ruth and Max; stepmother, Mary Owen, and stepbrothers, Tom and David Biltoft, Melbourne; his "adopted family" the Annands: Betty, Wendy, Kirk and Chris; and his many, many friends and relations in Australia and Canada. Cremation has taken place. Bill will be remembered at a gathering at the hall of the Universalist Unitarian Church, 5500 Inglis St., at 1 p.m. on Monday, April 13. Memorial donations may be made to the food bank, Oxfam or East Timor Alert Network, 33659-5th Ave., Mission, B.C., V2V 1X1. Arrangements entrusted to Dignity Cremation Services, Halifax.

Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1924

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Class of 1924. Photograph includes 29 photocopies of individual student portraits. Composite photograph includes student portraits of: F.M. Britton; J.F. Brown; W.J. Cameron; C.G. Campbell; J.J. Carroll; L.B. Chase; W.G. Colwell; H.A. Creighton; F.R. Davies; J.W. Davis; H.M. DeWolfe; R.W. Grant; R.R. Henderson; R.W. Kenney; G.L. Leslie; J.A. McLean; T.W. MacLean; C.W. MacMillan; A.B. Martin; C.S. Marshall; J.A. Milne; F.L. Moore; J.R. Murchison; W.G. Poirier; C.B. Popplestone; H.D. Reid; G.C. Shaffner; A.E. Thorne; and L.M. Zinck.

Photograph of Carol Smilie - Donor of the Carol Smilie Fund for Community Health Nursing Library Resources at the W.K. Kellogg Library

File is a photograph of Ann Barrett, Carol Smilie, and Patrick Ellis. Accompanying note states: A new collection fund has been established for the Kellogg Health Sciences Library to support research and teaching in the area of Community Health Nursing at Dalhousie University. / The fund was established on the reitrement of longtime library friend and patron, Dr. Carol Smilie. Dr. Smilie was an Associate Proferssor at Dalhousie University School of Nursing from 1982-2001, and Associate Director of Undergraduate Cirriculum and Planning for the School [from] 1999-2001. Dr. Smilie graduated with an MSc in Health Education from Dalhousie in 1980. Her practice of nursing was concentrated in the area of community health. While assuming presidential responsibilities in the national and provincial organizations of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Public Health Association and Directorship of the Nova Scotia Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network, Dr. Smilie worked to enhance the understanding of and support for the preparation of nurses to work as partners in the building of healthy communities.

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Fourth Year Class, 1980-1981

File is a composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine, fourth year class in 1980-1981. It includes 96 individual student portraits. Individuals are identified as follows: David Abriel, Dino Andriani, Anthony Armson, Kenney Atkins, Daniel Bedecki, Stephen Bolton, Mary Ann Bramstrup, Christopher Brandys, Roger Cook, Robert Coombs, Ethel Cooper Rosen, Lynn Coveney, Kim Crawford, John Cusack, Bruce DeMont, David Elliott, Joanne Embree, Ronald Fontaine, Christopher Gallant, Patrick Gill, William Goodine, Gayle Gordon, Susan Gray, Ashim Guha, Joni Guptill, Gregory Haines, Richard Hall, Carl Hannah, Daniel Harrigan, Barbara Hayden, Steven Hirsch, Janette Hurley, Anthony Kelly, Carter Kennedy, Mary Kernohan, David King, George Knight, Kathleen Kovacs, Howard Lamb, Peter Laureys, Sharon Litz, Colin Lockhart, Gerard Losier, Lyn MacBeath, Shirley MacCara, Owen MacCausland, Elizabeth MacCormick, Kathryn MacCullam. William MacDonald, Peter MacKean, James MacKillop, Karen MacLeod, Robert MacNeill, Kathleen MacPherson, Rayna MacPherson, Roxanne Malenbaum, Donald McDonah, Elizabeth McInerney, Graham Miles, Bruce Montgomery, Rachel Morehouse, Nancy Morrison, Victoria Morrison, Robert Mullan, Johnson Ngan, Marie O'Hanley, Paul Oar, Kevin Orrell, Shawna Perlin, Edwin Pineau, Peter Poulos, Aven Poynter, Mary Pushie, David Ross, Christopher Seamone, Brian Shaw, Cathryn Smith, Preston Smith, Stephen Smith, Erich Sperker, Barbara Stanford, Nolan Stein, John Sullivan, Ben Umeze, Elizabeth Weld, Patrick Whelan, Celina White, James Whitlock, Robin Wilson, Rose Anne Tubetti, Virginia MaClennan.

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - First Year Class, 1982-1983

File is a composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine, first year class in 1982-1983. It includes 96 individual student portraits. Individuals are identified as follows: Philip Acott, Peter Bethune, Donald Black, Martin Boucher, Kevin Bourke, Peter Boyles, Michael Brennan, Susan Brien, Wilma Broeren, Stephen Brown, Reeshad Buhariwalla, Lorraine Burgess, Mary-Anne Campbell, Daniel Carver, Donald Colford, Christena Cote, Stephen Couban, Margaret Craig, Alison Creighton, Maizie Crewe, Jane Cruchley, Mark D'Arcy, Gregory Dobson, Michael Evans, Nancy Filliter, Charles Fisher, James Fraser, Paula Gallant, Allan Gates, Michael Glasgow, Alison Hall, Deborah Hamilton, Peter Hastings, Colleen Hennessy, Susan Hutchison, Thomas Hydorn, David Iles, Lisa Jeans, Paul Jewers, Geraldine Johnston, Brian Jollymore, Bruce Jones, Christopher Jones, Ravi Kamra, Raymond Ke, Eddy Kinley, Mary Koncovy, Gary Landrigan, Maria Lang, Yvonne Lefort, Lorraine Lewis, Peter MacAulay, Elaine MacIsaac, Gregory MacIsaac, Gregor MacLean, David MacNeil, Robert MacNeil, Michael MacQuarrie, James MacWilliam, Martin Mack, Susan Malloy, Paul McAuley, John McDonald, Patricia McKenna, Heather McNally, Brian McNamara, Judith Mills, Jennifer Moore, Georges Moujaes, Terence Mullan, Joanne Murphy, Sharon Northorp, Robert Nunn, Robert Pottle, Satish Rangaswamy, Delbe Robichaud, Arif Samad, Harold Schwartz, Mukul Sharma, David Sinclair, Jane Smith, Sheena Smith, Finlay Spicer, Sarah Stevens, Douglas Taylor, Scott Theriault, Sunil Ummat, Daniel Vaughan, Susan Vlahos-Harvey, Susan Webster, Richard Wedge, Nancy Weeks, Katherine Whitaker, Bruce White, David Wood, Caroline Zayid.

Composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - First Year Class, 1983-1984

File is a composite photograph of the Faculty of Medicine, first year class in 1983-1984. It includes 101 individual student portraits. Individuals are identified as follows: Allan Abbass, Robert Abraham, Jyri Ainano, John Anderson, Jose Aquino, Lisa Archambault, Thomas Barnhill, Kenneth Barss, Stephen Beed, Siobhan Bergin, Raj Bhanot, Michelle Blinn, Scott Cameron, Cyril Camus, Douglas Carmody, Leigh Carson, Robert Chen, David Cheung, Kenneth Chisholm, Christopher Church, Barry Clarke, David Cohen, Bruce Colwell, Cheryl Conrod, Michelle Conrod, Wayne Cox, Stephen Crosbie, Stephen Curry, Mark D'Arcy, Herbert Dickinson, Mark Douglas, Gordon Don, Thomas Elwood, Eric Estey, Patrick Fallon, Martin Fleckenstein, Ian Fleming, Blair Gill, Russell Gowan, Angelo Hallett, Timothy Haswell, Wiebke Hellenbrand, Andrea Hickey, Julia Hickey, Andrew Holmes, Teresa Jones, Tomas Kaufman, Colleen Kelly, Dinesh Kumbhare, Sarah Lawrence, Naida Leckey, Victor Lentini, Margaret MacCallum, Keith MacCormick, Margaret MacDonald, Theresa MacIsaac, Susan MacKay, Rhonda MacPherson, Mary Catherine MacSween, Karen McNeil, Stephen McVicar, Rajender Mohandas, Terence Mullan, Joanne Murphy, Paulette Newcomb, Brooke Noftle, David Nunn, Kathleen O'Brien, Carmen O'Neill, Elizabeth Rafuse, Michael Redmond, George Richardson, Fredrykka Rinaldi, Melanie Rink, Marjorie Robb,Andrew Ross, Valerie Ross, John Sampson, Robert Schertzer, Leo Seman, Vi'jay Sharma, Narendra Singh, Jane Smith, Dale Steele, Christopher Stewart, Krista Stultz, Christina Tanner, David Tilley, Lauri Trites, Gregory Tynski, Helen Vasilikaki-Baker, Pierre Villemaire, David Wilcox, Lawrence Wildman, Tammy Williams, Scott Wilson, Cathy Wood, Valena Wright, Robert Yoon Caroline Zayid, Paul Risk .

Photograph of Dr. Gordon B. Wiswell's Baby Clinic, Health Centre No. 1

File is a photograph of Dr. Gordon B. Wiswell's Baby Clinic. Health Centre No. 1. Picture has the Dr. looking at a little baby, with a nurse and the mother looking on. Picture also has two mothers with children in the back ground. Accompanying inscription reads: Dr. Gordon B. Wiswell's Baby Clinic, Health Centre Number One.

Photograph of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine's first Graduation ceremony [1973]

File is a photograph of the first graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Accompanying note reads: Diane Elizabeth Banikhin was the first of a class of 23 to graduate from Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine at a special Convocation June 16, 1973. She receives her hood from Dr. Ian Rusted, Dean of Medicine. At right is Dr. G. Alain Frecker, Chancellor of Memorial.

Composite photograph of College of Pharmacy - First Year Class, 1977-1978

File is a composite photograph from Dalhousie's College of Pharmacy. The photograph includes 65 individual student portraits for the first year class. Individuals identified as follows: Dianne Archer, Marjorie Ardelli, Jane Ascroft, Janet Barrie, Laurel Bell, Paul Belliveau, Andrew Bennett, Cathy Bligh, Janet Campbell, Shelagh-Anne Campbell, Catherine Carson, Leonard Cassidy, Sean Cheverie, Janet Cooper, Wendy Cooper, Darlene Cormier, Christine Cosman, Anne Cote, Diane David, Beverly Dennis, Brian Dillman, Sheila Donovan, Loretta Duguay, Moira Gallagher, Candace Gallant, Pinky Gautam, Ian Gunn, Catherine Gallant, Tami Harlow, Pauline Hingston, Lowell Johnstone, Catherine Kelly, Wade Kirk, Joanne LeBlanc, Mary Goh, Susan Lord, Tannis MacAulay, Shawn MacDiarmid, Ann MacDonald, Elizabeth, MacDonald, Krista MacDonald, Paul MacInnis, Stephanie MacIsaac, Elaine MacKenzie, Theresa McLean, Nancy MacNeil, Susan ManSour, Jean Masterson, Anne, Mayich, Deborah McIsaac, Catherine Mclaughlin, Patricia Morrison, Peter Parker, Sheryl Petrie, Mary Reno, Kathy Robbins, Brenda Sangster, Danette Smith, Giselle Stone, Carol Thomas, Linda Thorburn, Marilyn Tiller, Pamela Wallace, Nadine Wentzell, Donna Wheeler.

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