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Photograph of Stop Smoking Contest : Dr. E. Belzer, Assistant Dean of Health Professions and winner Kathleen Berrigan

File contains one photograph and seven proofs of photographs of Kathy Berrigan. winner of the Stop Smoking Contest, being presented with a cash prize by Dr. E. Belzer, assistant dean of Health Professions. A caption included with the photographs reads: "Stop Smoking Contest, By Dr. E. Belzer, assistant dean, Health Profession, and winner Kathy Berrigan. Happy and healther, Phys Ed's Kathleen Berrigan gave up smoking and got richer - by the amount of money that she saved by not buying cigarettes and the $110.33 she won from Dr. Ed Belzer's Experimental Pool to Overcome Tobacco."

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Composite photograph of Delta Gamma

File contains a composite photograph of Delta Gamma members in 1919. The photographs consists of portraits of Laura Blenkinsop (Truro); Ottalie Caddell MacAloney; Mary Dickson (Montreal); Jean Tattrie (Mrs. E. D. Haliburton, Halifax); Brenda MacDonald Clarke (Mrs. E. Clarke, Haverhill, Massachusetts); Elsie Campbell MacAloney; Anna Gunn Fraser (Mrs. J. P. C. Fraser); Lois Smith; and Frances Lewis; and other unidentified students arranged within the number 19.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of Dalhousie University faculty

Item is a composite photograph of the faculty of Dalhousie University, possibly from 1889. The photograph consists of portraits of James Liechti, L.H.D. (Professor of Modern Languages, 1865-1906); Rev. William Lyall, LL.D. (Professor of Logic and Psychology 1863-90); Charles Macdonald, M.A. (Professor of Mathematics, 1863-1901); James Seth, M.A. (Professor of Philosophy, 1886-92); Rev. John Forrest, D.D. (Third President, 1885-1911); Archibald MacMechan, B.A., Ph.D., LL.D., F.R.S.C. (Professor of English, 1889-1932); John Johnson, M.A., LL.D. (Professor of Classics, 1863-94); W. J. Alexander, Ph.D. (Professor of English, 1884-1889); J. Gordon MacGregor, D.Sc., F.R.S. (Professor of Physics, 1879-1901); and George Lawson, Ph.D. (Professor of Chemistry, 1863-95) arranged in three rows on a plain background. The photograph was a gift from Dr. F. J. A. McKitrick on February 2, 1951. The item is a later copy of the original photograph.

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie Univeristy Faculty of Medicine class of 1902

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine class in medicine of 1902. The collage consists of photographs of A.M. Hess; W.P. MacKinnon; W. Ross Millar; R.L. Blackadar; W.C. Harris; A.A. King; L.O. Fuller; D.Geo. J. Campbell; J.A. Corston; Geo. H. Murphy; P.A. McGarry; J.J. MacKenzie; W. MacKay; J.L. Cock; C.P.P. Cameron; S.A. Fulton; D.T.C. Watson; N.S. Phinney; G.C. Archibald; L.E. Borden; Miss M.A.L. Philp; and Geo. R. Morse arranged in several rows around photographs of the Forrest Building, the Victoria General Hospital, and the Halifax Medical College, on a painted background.

Notman Studio

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie University senior class in medicine of 1900

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine senior class of 1900. The collage consists of photographs of J.G. Giovannetti; J.W. Pennington; F.W. Taylor; O.R. Salter; M.D. D. Campbell; W.A. Dymond; Miss V.S. Ernst; Miss W.B. Braine; J.A. Rogerson; A.F. Forbes; B.W. Braine; J. Reynolds; W.P. Reynolds; and N. Pratt arranged around photographs of the Victoria General Hospital, the Halifax Medical College, and the Forrest Building, on a painted background.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photograph of the Dalhousie Centenary

Item is a photograph of the Dalhousie Centenary on September 12, 1919. The photograph shows parade participants standing in a field and holding banners representing the Dalhousie classes of 1917, 1919, and 1922, and the Dalhousie Arts and Science class of 1916.

Photograph of Law Basketball Team Interfaculty Champions

Item is a photograph of the Law Basketball Team Interfaculty Champions 1924-25. The photograph shows D. McInnes (Guard); P.R.H. Barry (Manager); W.A. Richardson (Forward); C.R. Coughlan (Guard); G.M. Morrison (Forward); R. Gushue (Captain, Centre); R.L. Snodgrass (Forward); and R. Moore (Forward) sitting or standing in two rows.

Gauvin & Gentzel

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