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Dalhousie University Archives Upstream Music Association fonds Nova Scotia
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Correspondence, itinerary, and budgets for Upstream's Ontario fall tour

File also includes the tour manager's report; applications to Canada Council for the Arts for funding; Upstream's technical rider; contracts; and attendance reports at venues (Numus, Waterloo, Ontario; Peterborough Festival for the Arts, Ontario; Espace Musique, Ottawa, Ontario; and New Music Across America/ Red Door Productions, Toronto, Ontario).

Correspondence, media releases, and reports from Paul Cram, Artistic Director

File contains records from the 1994-1995 season from Paul Cram, one of the Artistic Directors of the Upstream Music Association. The file includes copies of newspaper clippings with reviews of Upstream concerts; Sandy Moore's Curriculum Vitae; and Paul Cram's signed contract, on behalf of the Upstream Ensemble, for the Atlantic Federation of Musicians.

Cram, Paul

Cukeoo : [score]

Item is a copy of an anonymous score entitled "Cukeoo" for solo voice, piano, and an undefined instrumental ensemble. The score combines common music notation with graphic notation. The text is taken from an English folk song, "The Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird"

Draft brochure for the Open Waters Festival

File includes a draft brochure, created by Jeff Reilly, which includes an overview of the concerts and events that were included in the 1999 Open Waters Festival: Slipstream (November 13); Upstream Ensemble and Symphony Nova Scotia: Frank Zappa and Other Mothers of Invention (November 16); Barry Guy and Maya Homberger (November 18); and Barry Guy and the Open Waters Festival Ensemble (November 20).

Echoes of time weeping : a dramatic solo for soprano and tape : [score]

File contains the score and text translation from Spanish to English. The Spanish translation was completed by Andreas Guibert, with consultation by Marcelo Arroyo. Evelyne Benais, Maral Perk, and Tony Tucker helped with the Flamenco rhythms, and Mary E. Moore did the cover artwork. The composition is based on the Mexican folkloric tale of La Llorana, The Weeping Woman.

Moore, Sandy, 1944-

Fermentation one : [score]

Item is a copy of Steven Naylor's composition for guitars, accordion, wind instruments, and keyboard. The score is in graphic notation, using coloured symbols in blue, green, and red to indicate duration, pitch, attitude, and stops.

Naylor, Steve

Final reports for the Open Waters Festival

File includes a Promotions and Publicity Summary by Christopher Majka of Symphony Nova Scotia; correspondence and newspaper clippings related to the festival; revenue and expense statements; the final report to the Canada Council for the Arts; and correspondence with the Nova Scotia Arts Council confirming the completion and performance of Chris Palmer's commissioned work, "For Those Who Peril On the Sea."

Flight 752 : [piano score]

File contains nine annotated copies of Jeff Reilly's composition, "Flight 752" in piano score format. The composition includes horns, cello, bassoon, drums, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and piano, and is notated in common music notation.

Reilly, Jeff

Flight 753 : [piano score]

File contains four annotated copies of Jeff Reilly's composition, "Flight 753" in piano score format. The composition is a shortened version of "Flight 752."

Reilly, Jeff

Forming 23 : [score]

Item is Paul Cram's composition, "Forming 23," a graphic score for trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and vibraphone. The score includes indications for ornamentation, rhythm, style of improvisation, tempo, and register.

Cram, Paul

Funding for the Open Waters Festival

File includes copies of Upstream's grant applications for the Canada Council for the Arts Music Touring, Presenting and Management Program, and the Nova Scotia Arts Council Grants to Organizations and Small Groups.

Ghost tracks : [parts]

File contains annotated parts for Reilly's composition "Ghost Tracks," for concert, E-flat, and B-flat instruments. According to one of the annotations, the composition was performed as an octet at the Pier 21 Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Reilly, Jeff

Ghost tracks : [score]

File contains two annotated copies of the score for Jeff Reilly's "Ghost Tracks," one in concert pitch and one in B-flat. The concert pitch score was used by Susan (Sue) Sayles, a violist with the Upstream Ensemble. The score is in three large sections, each of which have various musical phrases notated in common music notation. The pitch material for the composition is derived from seven notes: F-sharp, G, G-sharp, B, C-sharp, D, and E (at concert pitch).

Reilly, Jeff

Heavier than air : concert score

Item is a copy of Steven Naylor's composition for flute, violin, oboe, trumpet, viola, clarinet, accordion, cello, bassoon, electric bass, bass clarinet, contrabass, and percussion. Each instrument plays a short phrase repeatedly until the end of the piece with entries staggered between instruments.

Naylor, Steve

Homeland suite : [score]

Item is a graphic score for Lisle (L.S.) Ellis' "Homeland Suite" for voice, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, violin, guitar, piano, bass, and percussion.

Ellis, Lisle

Immortal coil and Fragments : [sound recordings by the Upstream Ensemble]

File contains the studio mastering tape for Paul Cram's composition "Immortal coil" and Don Palmer's composition "Fragments," completed at Solar Audio Recording studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The recordings are on Upstream's CD, "Open Water" (track 7, 8 min., 20 sec., and track 5, 5 min., 38 sec., respectively). Audio reel box includes a track sheet.

Internal combustion : [score]

Item is a coloured score for C instruments. The composition has three main sections and the third section is further subdivided into five sections, including a passacaglia. No performance instructions are included. The composition was funded by a SOCAN grant.

Reilly, Jeff

Japan-Canada Concert with Akikazu Nakamura and Miwa Inaba

File contains Sandy Moore's proposal to the Board of Directors for the concert; correspondence sent to Akikazu Nakamura and Miwa Inaba; resumes for Nakamura and Inaba; budget for the concert; media release; and correspondence with the Canada Council for the Arts regarding the Japan-Canada Fund.

Japan-Canada concert and rehearsals

File includes photographs of the musicians and their instruments. The musicians were visiting artists, Akikazu Nakamura and Michiyo Yagi, and the Upstream Ensemble (Bob Bauer, Jeff Reilly, Paul Cram, Don Palmer, Steven Naylor, Sandy Moore, and Tom Roach).

Kafka's chair : row material

File contains the manuscript and four annotated copies of the tone row for "Kafka's Chair" by Paul Cram in prime, retrograde, inversion, retrograde inversion, and transposed forms. The manuscript also includes the "Entree" from Cram's "B-flat Restaurant" at concert pitch.

Cram, Paul

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