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Administration records

This series contains publications related to the record keeping of faculty and facilities, of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College between 1912-1986. It is arranged into three sub-series, Annual reports, Correspondences, and Facilities - Buildings.


This series consists of 42 publications, which is comprised of 40 books and 2 miscellaneous textual records relating to entomology. These were published by the Nova Scotia Institute of Science, the Canadian Department of Agriculture, and the Unite...

Pottersfield Press correspondence

Series contains correspondence between Lesley Choyce and Pottersfield authors, illustrators, readers, contract editors and book distributors. Some editorial correspondence is filed with manuscripts and page proofs in the Editorial records series.

Pottersfield Press


This series consists of books and other textual records relating to poultry, which includes husbandry, plucking, etc. These were published between 1819-1942.


This series contains, photographs, film reels, video tapes, film reels, cassette tapes, paintings, and other miscellaneous textual records regarding sheep between 1940-2002. This series is dividing into 3 sub-series, Photographs, Film/Video, and S...

Other associations

This series contains publications related to sheep breeding issued from various sheep breeder associations between 1984-2002. It is arranged into 4 sub-series, Purebred, Canadian, Cape Breton, and miscellaneous associations.

Councils, boards, bureaus

This series contains various textual records from various sheep related associations, councils, boards, bureaus, and university faculties. It is arranged into 8 sub-series, Nova Scotia Wool Marketing Board, Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limit...


Series contains: manuscripts of D.C. Mackay for articles, books and reviews, openings, and verses; research notes for books; and a diary of DC. Mackay for 1933.


This series contains 25 artifacts relating to sheep and wool, made between 1926-1998. These include which exhibition trophies, wool samples, ranch maps, tools and machine for wool gathering, equipment used for sheep care, etc.

Special events and celebrations

This series contains photos, documents, flyers, and scripts regarding special events and celebrations at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. These includes exhibitions, dramas, open houses, commencements, etc. between 1971-2005.


This series contains 326 periodicals from various journals, newsletters, and magazines. All of these are related to sheep and wool research, breeds, farming, and industry, published between 1930-2002.


This series contains a training program relating to agriculture, created with the collaboration of Francisco de Paula Santander University and the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.


This series contains course material and correspondences relating to the curriculum at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. It is divided into 2 sub-series, correspondences and courses.


Series contains: appointment calendars; copies of sketches by D.C. Mackay; reference material; income tax returns; list of painters; newspaper clipping; and personal expense notes.

Other goverments

This series contains 32 publications related to livestock issued from the provinces of Canada and countries outside the country between 1918-2003. It is arranged into two subseries, Other Provincial Governments of Canada and Other Governments Outs...

Thomas Head Raddall's diaries

The majority of the diaries were regularly kept, usually with several entries per week. There are infrequently gaps of a month or more. In his early diaries, Raddall records observations about daily events aboard ship, the weather, and places visi...

Thomas Head Raddall's research notes

This series contains notes, memoirs, obituaries, and reminiscences by Raddall about many individuals; some excerpts make their way into his novels as anecdotes. Also included here are correspondence, sketches, photographs, notes, and research mate...

Water resources

This series contains textual and graphic material on water resources in Nova Scotia, which includes water quality, water sheds, tides, etc. These were published between 1911-1990.

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