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Series contains materials documenting the rides used by the Bill Lynch Shows and related materials. Written material includes expenses, maintenance issues, and assembly instructions. Related materials include blueprints for the rides.

Whip blueprint

File contains one blueprint for the assembly of the deck plates for the Whip, a ride held by the Bill Lynch Shows. The blueprint is from Maritime Steel and Foundries Limited, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.


This series contains 25 artifacts relating to sheep and wool, made between 1926-1998. These include which exhibition trophies, wool samples, ranch maps, tools and machine for wool gathering, equipment used for sheep care, etc.

Business correspondence

File contains four business letters written to and from the Bill Lynch Shows from August 19, 1942 to July 16, 1947. The first is from the Bill Lynch Shows regarding a wallet lost on August 18, 1942 by Elmer Rogers and subsequently found, and is dated August 19, 1942. The second is from the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company regarding reconditioning a Caliola organ, and is dated October 6, 1942. The third is from the Annapolis County Exhibition Committee signed by Donald White regarding the Bill Lynch Shows returning from September 14-17, 1943, and is dated June 11, 1943. The fourth is from Teasdale and Foot, Limited and signed by Eric Teasdale regarding purchasing a car and multiple trucks for the Bill Lynch Shows, dated July 16, 1947.

Notes of a conversation with Ronald Power regarding the Bill Lynch Shows

File contains notes taken by Barry Edwards of a conversation with Ronald Power, member of the Army, regarding the Bill Lynch Shows. The notes list some of the rides the Lynch Shows had, and often refer to "The Bill Lynch Farm" (described as being in the early 1950s on the corner Robie and Cunard Street, Halifax). The notes are from March 26, 1985, and are 40 pages long.

Daily cash statement forms

File contains daily cash statement forms for the Bill Lynch Shows. The areas to fill out include a statement of cash on hand per last report, a list of possible cash additions including shows, rides, and concessions, a list of possible payments inlcuding wages, advertising, telephones, and traveling expenses, and the statement of cash on hand at the end of the business day. There are four white copies and three yellow copies.

Receipts from Cook House

File contains receipts from the Bill Lynch Show for the Cook House for July - September, 1951. Locations include Digby, Nova Scotia, and Carboneau, Placentia, Gander, and Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Photographs from a scrapbook and other materials

File contains the content of a scrapbook, including twenty-five photographs of the Bill Lynch Shows, two complimentary tickets for the Bill Lynch Shows, and one piece of an envelope addressed to Mr William P. Lynch at the Royal York Hotel, Ontario.

Photograph of The Three Maldos

File contains one photograph of The Three Maldos, an act with the Bill Lynch Shows, and a corresponding cardboard photographic imprint. The photograph depicts three women in matching costumes posing together.

Instructions for use and set up of the Little Dipper

File contains four pages of instructions for use and setting up of the Little Dipper, a ride held by the Bill Lynch Shows, as well as three letter-sized blueprints. The blueprints are for the decorative lighting, sign direction, and station canopy.

Sky Fighter blueprint

File contains one blueprint for the structural failure fix of the Sky Fighter, a ride held by the Bill Lynch Shows. It depicts the installation of the reinforcing tee.

Open house 2005

This file contains two copies of "NSAC Open House 2005". These are hand out sheets of activities, exhibits and demonstrations at the open house in 2005.

Lynch Greater Exposition Shows contract forms

File contains five copies of Lynch Greater Exposition Shows contract forms. The stipulations include supplying a show suitable for ladies and children, the right to cancel the contract in the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances such as cyclones or war, and a space to set out the required number of performances per week. It specifies that the contract is for Canada only, but that the salary will be paid half in American and half in Canadian dollars.

Letter from Ethel to Bill Lynch and other material

File contains an envelope address to the Bill Lynch Shows from Ethel (no last name specified) dated in Amherst November 18, 1942, and Halifax November 20-30, a blank labor service card with notes on the back, a card requesting name and address on the front of letters and parcels, a letter from Ethel to Bill Lynch dated July 25, 1942 from Amherst, and six photographs of: an unidentified woman in Sydney on July 16 1942, an unidentified woman at Murcer [sic] Lake in Sydney on July 13, 1942, an unidentified man in a parked car, a dog, two unidentified men on a ship plank over the war, three unidentified men in uniform and a dog by a Christmas tree, and three unidentified men, two in uniform and one in a suit, outside. Ethel's letter states she would try to enclose photographs of herself, so she may be the unidentified woman in the photos.

Instructions for installation of structural fix for the Sky Fighter

File contains materials relating to the Sky Fighter, a ride held by the Bill Lynch Shows. The materials include one document describing a structural failure and fix, one photograph of the installation of the structural failure fix, and one small piece of paper with the manufacturer's information it (Allan Herschell Co., Inc.).
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