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Hattie, William Harop Nova Scotia
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Composite Photograph of the Faculty of Medicine - Class of 1930

File is a composite photograph the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Class of 1930. Photograph includes 40 individual portraits with three photographs of Dalhousie buildings. Composite photograph includes portraits of Dr. D.S. Gibbs, Dr. W. Alan Curry, Dr. G.H. Murphy, Dr. R.J. Bean, Dr. H.K. MacDonald, Dr. F.G. Mack, Dr. R.P. Smith, Dr. E.L. Young, Dr. James Robert Corston, Dr. Harold Benge Atlee, Lieutenant Colonel John Stewart (Dean of Medicine), Dr. Arthur Stanley MacKenzie (President), Dr. William Harop Hattie, Dr. E.K. MacLellan, Dr. Robert Evatt Mathers, Dr. D.J. MacKenzie, Dr. Boris Babkin, Dr. J. Cameron, Angus Edward Murray, Joseph Prayag Lachman-Singh, Dr. J.G. MacDougall, Dr. E.V. Hogan, Dr. Louis Morton Silver, Dr. Kenneth Alexander MacKenzie, Andrew Love Richardson, Charles Heustis Smith, John Raymond MacLean, Charles MacLean Jones, Robert Fail Ross, Fred Arthur Minshull, Arthur Herbert Sangster, Arthur Lister Murphy, Wilfred Bell Howatt, John Rae McCleave, Edgar Stirling Giddings, R.J. MacDonald, Henry John Townsend, Charles Omer Absher, and Charles Hammond Johnson.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Composite photograph of the Dalhousie University faculty of medicine class of 1925

File contains two copies of a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine class of 1925. The photograph consists of portraits of W.E. Fultz; C.R. Baxter; E.B. Muir; J.E. Grant; L.R. Wynter; S.P. Donng; A.H. Chisholm; E.I. Glenister; R.P. Hayes; D.S. Sutherland; A.R. Morton; A.C. Gouthro; A.M. Wilson; P.A. Creelman; P.G. Douglas; C.A. Herbin; D.A. Fields; R.E. Archibald; D.F. MacKay; D.A. Hatchford; A.M. Murray; W.A. Curry; R.A. MacKenzie; M.J. Carney; D.B. Atlee; P.M. Knox; P. Weatherbee; A.G. Nichols; J. Stewart; A.S. MacKenzie; W.D. Hattie; G.R. MacDonald; L.N. Morrison; G.D. Murphy; C.F. Moriarty; R.H. MacLeod; C.O. Logan; J. Cameron; D.F. Harris; G.M. Bruce; A.M. Siddall; M R. Cameron; R. Bond; L.M. Silver; F.G. Mack; J.R. Corston; G.K. Maclellan; W. J. Keating; J.R. Sutherland; D.R. Sutherland; G.W. Smith; J.G. Laurence; L.F. Doiron; R.S. Gass; G.R. Burns; A.C. Hayden; D.C. MacDonald; W.J. MacDonald; D.R. Webster; R.C. Miller; S. Marcus; S.N. Goldberg; F.J. MacLeod; and L.L. Kirkpatrick arranged in several rows with photographs of the Forrest Building and the Victoria General Hospital.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Osler Medico-Historical Club of Halifax fonds

  • MS-13-46, SF Box 69, Folders 1-15
  • Fonds
  • 1921-1926
Fonds consists of medical academic papers presented to the Osler Medico-Historical Club.

The Osler Medico-Historical Club of Halifax.

Photograph of Visitors Health Centre No. 1

File is a photograph of visitors to the Visitors Health Centre No. 1. Legend below photograph lists visitors. Legend reads: "Distinguished Visitors Health Centre No. 1, Decemeber 20, 1920. Front row: His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire - Governor General of Canada. To his left, His Honour, Lieutenant-Governor MacCallum Grant. To his right, Mr. G. Fred Pearson, Chairman Massachusetts-Halifax Health Commission. In the doorway, right side: Dr. W.H. Hattie, Provincial Health Officer. Left side: Edwin N. Gunsaulus, American Consul General at Halifax, Nova Scotia."

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie University graduating class in medicine of 1908

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine class of 1908. The collage consists of photographs of M.D. D.A. Campbell; M.D. N.F. Cunningham; M.D. M. Chisholm; M.D. L.M. Silver; MRCS E.V. Hogan; M.D. M.A. Curry; M.D. W.H. Hattie; M.D. G.M. Campbell; M.D. A.W.H. Lindsday; MRCS N.E. McKay; S.H. Thibault; S.R. Johnston; W.L. MacLean; S.R. Brown; J.G. Bruce; W.A. MacLeod; W. Patton; F.N. Reid; M.R. McGarry; M.F. McGarry; B.W. Mosher; and McLellan arranged around photographs of the Victoria General Hospital and the Forrest Building, on a painted background. Another photograph, likely of another building, was attached below the photographs of the students, but it is missing.

Gauvin & Gentzel

Photographic collage of the Dalhousie University medical faculty and class of 1907

File contains a photographic collage of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine faculty and class of 1907. The collage consists of photographs of M.D. W.H. Hattie; M.D. M.A. Curry; M.D. M. Chisholm; M.D. L.M. Silver; M.D. N.F. Cunningham; B. H. Balcom; M.D. D.A. Campbell; M.D. G.M. Campbell; M.D. N.C. MacKay; H.D. Chisholm; P. McF. Carter; J. MacDonald; B.A. LeBlanc; and R.D. Shatford arranged around photographs of the Victoria General Hospital, the Halifax Medical College, and the Forrest Building on a painted background.

Notman Studio