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Letter from Mary Dobie to James Dinwiddie

File contains a letter from Mary Dobie to James Dinwiddie. In the letter, Dobie thanks Dinwiddie for a Carnelian seal ring he sent to her as a gift. The letter was likely written sometime in the 1810s.

List of women graduates in medicine from Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

Item is an undated typed list of women graduates in medicine from Dalhousie University, beginning with Annie Isabella Hamilton (1894) and ending with Mary Wheeler MacIntyre (1939/1940). The list is chronological and includes 51 names with graduation dates, name changes (i.e., marital status) and addresses, some of which are amended by hand.

Cutlines for photographs from McNab's Island

Item consists of three typed cutlines for photographs taken on McNab's Island. The cutlines describe a pier on McNab's Island and Mrs. Farrant, an inhabitant of the island. Two of the cutlines are the same. The cutlines are typed on thin paper with corrections written in pencil.

Not a waste of money : [letter to the editor from the Mail Star]

Item is a newspaper clipping with two short columns. One column is a letter to the editor by M. J. Harvey called "Not A Waste Of Money." This letter is in reference to another letter by Floyd Day about the future of McNab's Island. The second column is called "Nose for News" and is from the Christian Science Monitor. The clipping is from the Mail-Star.

Suggested exhibit signs : Bluenose II

Item is a list of suggested exhibit signs for the Bluenose II. The list includes signs to place on the wharf, on the deck, and on other places on the ship.

Suggested exhibit signs : Bluenose II

Item is a list of suggested exhibit signs for the Bluenose II. The list includes signs to place on the wharf, on the deck, and on other places on the ship.

McNab : Wildlife experts to air views : [newspaper article]

Item is a newspaper clipping from an unknown newspaper that contains two short articles. The first article is called "McNab: WIldlife Esperts To Air Views" and is about decisions related to the recreational use of McNab's Island. The second article is called "'A Bit Out Of The Ordinary'" and is about a court case against James Herbert Messervey that was sent to the Supreme Court. There is no author named for either article.

Greeting card from J. Philip Dumaresq & Associates

Item is a Christmas and New Year card from J. Philip Dumaresq & Associates Architects, Engineers & Planners of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The front of the card features a drawing of the Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building at Dalhousie University, the Centennial Confederation project for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Ken Martin : recent works

Item is a handbill or pamphlet for an art exhibition of Ken Martin's recent works at Eye Level Gallery from September 8 to 27th.

Three papers on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

File includes three documents, which are likely by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Includes 1) "Progress Report" (regarding the New International Technological Order emerging from the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, or UNCLoS); 2) "The United Nations Decade of International Law and the Law of the Sea," a document from the 1990s, outlining the new concepts that emerged from UNCLoS (including the common heritage of mankind); and 3) an untitled document relating the events of the tenth and eleventh sessions of the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS).

Photocopied map of McNab's Island

Item is a photocopied man of McNab's Island and Lawlor Island in the Halifax Harbour. The map indicates property lines, place names, and the location of houses and farms on the island. The photocopy is spread over two pieces of paper.

The UNCLoS/UNCED process - a comparative study of eight documents

File contains a study produced by the International Ocean Institute (IOI)-Canada on the following documents: The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS); Agenda 21; the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity; the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; the Agreement on the Implementation of the Provisions of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 Relating to the Conservation and Management of Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks; the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries; the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities; and the Barbados Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States.

Minute of condition between Sir William Alexander and Duncan Forbes, Provost of Inverness and Laird of Culloden, signed by Alexander and Forbes, and witnessed by Morray, Steuart, Ross, Donypaice, Phelps, Strachan, Shaw, Marshall, Rose, Philip, and Sinclarr.

The document, endorsed March 17, 1625, relates to "the countrie of New Scotland in America" and bears close relation to Cape Breton.

Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 1568-1640

Manuscript journal, detailing an expedition along the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick situated on the Bay of Fundy, July 19, 1684 – September 14, 1684

  • MS-2-370, Oversize Folder 1
  • Item
  • July 19, 1684 – September 14, 1684

Item is a cartographic journal containing daily entries and twenty-five cartographic diagrams and topographical illustrations showing coastlines, elevations, distances (in leagues), water depths, capes, bays, rivers, inlets, islands and other geographical features.

From the accounts of the first few days, the jump off point must have been somewhere near Mahone Bay or Lunenburg, on the southern coast of Nova Scotia. Few observations are recorded during the first week; the aim seems to have been to reach an initial destination of Grand Manan Island. At this point, beginning on July 25, 1684, detailed observations are made of all islands, rocks, and other geographical objects, along with more specific information concerning water depths (given in braces), types of currents, prevailing winds, distances between landmarks (given in leagues), places of secure anchorage, danger zones, etc. Most of the observed areas are accompanied by topographical illustrations which depict not only the contours of the coastline, but also elevations from sea level.

The expedition proceeded from Grand Manan Island down into Passamaquoddy Bay (this is not named, but the St. Croix River is), then Northeast along the coast of New Brunswick to the entrance to the St. John River. At this point, the expedition encountered at least two British war vessels, equipped with cannons. An envoy from the expedition was sent to the British ships, apparently commanded by John Nelson, the nephew of the first proprietor of New Brunswick; assurances are exchanged, the envoy is returned, and the expedition again proceeds along its way. Much of this portion of the expedition was obscured by a dense and persistent thick fog which made the task of the cartographer at times impossible, as he frequently notes.

From St. John River, the expedition turned back again across the Bay of Fundy, along Long Island, down along the Western coast of Nova Scotia to Cape Sable. This destination is reached by July 31, 1684, and here some days are passed waiting out a violent storm. Another British ship is mentioned, though no contact was made. The coastline from Cape Sable all the way to Margaret's Bay is represented by numerous illustrations. The weather seems to have been more favourable, and much of the area was apparently uncharted.

This portion of the journey includes descriptions and illustrations of Cape Negro, Baye du Port Razor, Riv. des Jardins, Port Rosignol, Sable River, La Have Harbour, Mahone Bay (called here Mirligaich), Margaret's Bay, etc. The expedition continues from Margaret's Bay on to the Northeast, with observations of Cape Sambro, Riv. Chibouetou. Riv. Maganchis, Cape Thiodor, and it ends at St. Mary's River, on September 14, 1684.

Appended to the journal is a twelve page "Inventaire pour servir a l'armament et consommation du nav(igation)," in which a very detailed list of hundreds of items is presented. The two categories that receive the most attention are boat fixtures (e.g., sails, bowsprites, halyards, stays, topsails, masts, anchors, rope, riggings, etc.) and armaments (e.g., cannons, ammunitions, guns, other weapons, etc.). Surgical equipment is briefly mentioned. Extraneous observations are also included from time to time: an abundance of fish off Cape Forcheau; arborage and foliage on shore; disembarkments, during one of which one of the crew apparently attempted to desert.

Marianne (Ship)

Notebook of Samuel J. Holland

  • MS-2-33, SF Box 16, Folder 1
  • Item
  • 1747-1748
Item is a 150-page notebook that Samuel J. Holland used in 1747 when he was serving as an artillery officer in the Dutch army. The notebook is bound in vellum and contains tables, memoranda, mathematical calculations, diagrams, recipes for making gun powder, and assorted notes.

Holland, Samuel, 1728-1801

Pieces of a letter

INDICES:::Dumfries ; education ; High School ; Edinburgh ; philosophical ; experiments

Notes on Geometry

This document contains four pages of notes on geometry written by James Dinwiddie. The notes contain diagrams and proofs of theorems.

Notes on Fireworks

This document contains two pages of notes on the composition of fireworks written by James Dinwiddie.

List of Manufacturers

This document compiled by James Dinwiddie contains a list of manufacturers in England including their industrial machinery and manufacturing practices. This file consists of notes.

Early Experiments

This journal by James Dinwiddie records some of his experiments with air and balloons. This file consists of one journal.

Lightning and other Phenomena: Lectures on Electricity

These notes written by James Dinwiddie focus on lightning and electricity. Dinwiddie mentions Benjamin Franklin, historical dates for important experiments, circuits, conductors and other phenomena including water spouts and earthquakes.

Experiments of Factitious Air

These notes written by James Dinwiddie focus on experiments involving air; he documents his procedures as well as the results. Dinwiddie includes a hand-drawn diagram of various scientific apparatus at the front of the notes.

Elementary Bodys [sic]

These notes written by James Dinwiddie concern "Elementary Bodys [sic]". Dinwiddie briefly discusses chemical compositions in one set of notes. In the second set, he discusses motion and the necessity of experimentation in understanding nature.

Philosophical Society

This document contains rules and minutes for the Dumfries Philosophical Society. The minutes were recorded by James Dinwiddie between November 28, 1776 and December 12, 1778. This file consists of one document.
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