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Photographs of the Sir James Dunn Law Library interior

File contains eight photographs taken in the Sir James Dunn Law Library in the Weldon Law Building at Dalhousie University. The photographs show various rooms and areas in the library and people working or reading in the library. Some of the photos were taken for an issue of Ansul.

Wamboldt-Waterfield Photography Limited

Westville - Drummond Colliery

View of a mining site not long after clearing has taken place. Tree stumps and logs litter the area. Two men on wagons appear in an area where rails are being laid. Two small flat cars appear at centre as well as a number of small buildings. Envelope annotated: "Mining #3" and "wet". A print of the plate is included

New Glasgow - McLellan's Three Stores

Three stores on the corner of Provost Street, with signs reading: "House Furnishings", "Crockery, China." and "All kinds of fancy goods, sm… 5 c. - 10 c. & 15 c. Store". Around the corner and on the side of the third store there is a sign reading: "Household furnishings of all kinds at lowest prices. Crockery, china and aluminum ware.". The side window is inscribed: "McLellan's Ltd."; a "No Parking" sign is attached to that side of the buildings. Print copy is also available: PC-2-334-23

New Glasgow - street scene

Row of commercial buildings identified on the envelope as possibly Provost St. in New Glasgow. The central building, which shows 1907 as the date of construction, houses two companies named: "H. H. Heckman" and "McCullough & Co.". On the left is the partial building whose occupants names are partially visible as: "…on R. Fraser Dentist" and "… Blackett". On the right is the office of the "Western Telegraph and Cable Office". A man's bicycle is parked on the nearside of the road

Eastern Car Co. Ltd. - Plant - Interior View

Interior view looking at part of the Eastern Car Co. Ltd. production plant. A rail line runs along the centre. Several workmen are standing in the area. Some equipment and piles of filings can be seen. Across the centre is a steel beam and pulley marked: "30 Ton Northern"

New Glasgow - Commercial Building

Three-storey commercial building in which the windows and doors have rounded tops. Seven men are standing outside, it, six of whom are wearing top hats, the seventh is wearing a bowler hat. This building is also depicted on plate: PC-2-318-49

New Glasgow - street scene

Provost Street in New Glasgow showing stores identified as Jackson's Union Drug Store, James Eastwood's and M. McNaughton… Several men and boys, all wearing hats or caps are standing on the sidewalk

New Glasgow - street scene

Street scene showing stores identified as R. Lynagh Cabinet Maker and Furniture Store, Hugh J. Cameron, and John McP. Fraser. Five men, all wearing hats, are standing in doorways. Print copy is available: PC-2-333-22

Street scene

Street scene showing the stores on both sides. The sign on one reads: "Stove - Stove Pipe & Tinware". Print copy is available: PC-2-333-25. Note: print is annotated: "Westville, South Main St.", differing from the designation on the original envelope

Pictou County Dairy

The dairy building with six vehicles and their drivers in front of it. One of the vehicles is an ice cream cart and is drawn by a horse. A large advert is painted on the wall promoting Picoda products. Negatives also available: PC-2-300-105 and: PC-2-335-11

McCulloch's Sport Shop - Store Front

Store front featuring McCulloch's Sport Shop with a window on each side of the entrance. In one window is a sign reading: R. M. Benvie, R. O. Eyesight Specialist". The sign for "Waldren's Photo Studio is reflected in the other window. On a door to one side are signs for: "General Finance Eastern Limited", "Mutual Life" and "Samuel's Furrier", and a reflection reading: "Dominion"

New Glasgow - Glasgow Hotel & stores

Provost Street in New Glasgow showing a row of connected buildings which house several stores on the lower level and the balcony and accommodation of the Glasgow Hotel on the upper. Several dormer windows line the roof. The end store belongs to J. Fraser Downie. The lower entrance to the hotel is next door. Several people wearing hats are standing on the balcony, and several are standing on the street and sidewalk near the corner where merchandise is displayed. Negative is available: PC-2-318-55

New Glasgow - street scene

Street scene showing stores identified as R. Lynagh Cabinet Maker and Furniture Store, Hugh J. Cameron, and John McP. Fraser. Five men, all wearing hats, are standing in doorways. Negative is available: PC-2-318-60

New Glasgow - American House & Livery Store

View of a hotel identified by a sign as: "American House". A women is standing in a doorway to an upper balcony; three men are standing on the porch below it. Attached is a fenced yard identified by a crescent-shaped sign as a: "Livery Stable". Two other men are standing across the street. Three other buildings are partially visible. Negative is available: PC-2-318-46
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