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Halifax Regional Municipality (N.S.) Series
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Personal material

Series contains materials created by Budge Wilson that not directly related to her career as an author. Files include Budge Wilson's diaries and calendars and materials relating to her job as a fitness instructor and photographer.

Administrative and operational records of the Dalhousie University Institute of Public Affairs

Series consists of documents accumulated by the administration of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). The majority of materials are minutes, memorandums, correspondence, and reports created by, or related to, several committees within the IPA. These committees were designed to develop policies, facilitate decision-making, manage projects, and maintain positive relationships with Dalhousie University administration. Series also contains several news and press releases issued by the IPA to generate publicity for important events hosted by the Institute or achievements of its staff. Series also contains academic plans and program guides produced by the IPA which offer insight into the curriculum at Henson College.

1989 Buskers

Series is a three-part feature on the annual Halifax International Busker Festival (August 1989).

Atlantic Film Festival

  • UA-47, Box 2
  • Series
  • September 21, 1992 - September 25, 1992
  • Part of CKDU Radio fonds

Series contains a 5 part feature on the 1992 Atlantic Film Festival.

Earth Action

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program Earth Action. This program is a weekly environmental radio show by the Ecology Action Centre, established in 1971 Nova Scotia after a course held at Dalhousie University called Living Ecology. The program began in 1987, and was a 15 minute show hosted every Monday at 5:30PM consisting of interviews, a feature called “Lets Clean It Up,” (which focused generally around recycling with the immediate goal of increasing individual awareness about dangerous household hazardous waste), and environmental news. The original team consisted of Robert Pross, engineer; Leslie Shaw, Wayne Hall, Cristina Pekarik, Liz and Debrah Westerburg.

Women's Time

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Women's Time. This 15-minute program features news and interviews related to women's issues and women in the arts. It aired on The Evening Affair, CKDU's evening public affairs program.

Living After Diagnosis

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program Living After Diagnosis. This program is a multi-part series on living with AIDS, which aired once a month on CKDU radio.

The Masked Genre

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program The Masked Genre. This program is a multi-part series focusing on comics, and many of the episodes include references to local Wilkie’s Wonderful World of Comics (located in Lunenburg and Halifax) at beginning.

No Time for Humour

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program No Time for Humour, a half hour long comedy show that ran from 1984 to 1987. It contained original content written and produced by the Seal Cub.

Plain Speaking

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Plain Speaking. This series was hosted by Halifax residents on a variety of topics.

Rocky Jones on Racism

  • UA-47, Box 29
  • Series
  • September 28, 1988 - September 29, 1988
  • Part of CKDU Radio fonds

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 two-part program Rocky Jones on Racism. It features Burnley (Rocky) Jones, a Halifax lawyer, human rights activist, and prisoners rights advocate who fought for the defeat of racism. Jones earned his law degree from Dalhousie University in the 1990s.

Interviews and reports on university topics

Series contains audio reels from CKDU radio with interviews and reports conducted by CKDU radio hosts on university topics, including but not limited to Dalhousie.

Susan Kerslake's unpublished manuscripts

Series contains manuscripts of unpublished novels, including edited drafts. Other materials include letters from third parties with suggested edits, and rejections or comments from publishing agencies.

Published reviews and articles featuring Susan Kerslake's writing

Series contains reviews and articles relating to Kerslake’s work and writing. Materials include newspaper clippings, photocopies of reviews from journals or papers, and papers written as class assignments (including an original interview). Material also includes one review and edits written by Kerslake.

Audio files

Series contains audio files from Rock Meets Bone. Materials include both raw source files and final episodes that were eventually aired on Rock Meets Bone.

Documentation of artists and programs

  • Series
  • November 16, 1981 - December 1989, prodominant September 1989 - December 1989
  • Part of Rock Meets Bone fonds

Series contains materials documenting the work of the various artists that contributed to Rock Meets Bone. Written material includes scripted introductions, conclusions, and handwritten production notes about each episode and artist.

Lectures and class notes

Series contains materials regarding Brian Hall's lectures and class notes. Written materials include handwritten and typed notes, lecture outlines, annotated articles, crib sheets for tests, and overhead slides with figures.

Pauline E. Hillis' records

Series consists of materials regarding the Pauline E. Hillis' student life, including notebooks, books, and others textual records. Series also contains negatives and photographs of Pauline E. Hillis with friends, and of Eric Stanley Hillis, son of James Stanley and Pauline E. Hillis, at the age of 5.


Series consists of: Dalhousie University yearbooks: Pharos; College of Pharmacy yearbooks: Mortar & Pestle, and Modo Opimum; Faculty of Law yearbooks: Dalhouse Law School; and Amicus Curia; School of Physiotherapy yearbooks; and Dalhousie University Department of Education yearbooks. Includes the yearbooks of the Nova Scotia Technical College, and the Technical University of Nova Scotia.


Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program, Backtrax. This program features artists with a lasting influence in music, and features several multi-part series on different artists. Played Monday to Thursday at 4:00PM.

Black Cultural Centre Presents

Series contains audio reels from a radio program broadcast on CKDU radio, 97.5. The program was run by the Black Cultural Centre in Halifax, which was established in 1983 to preserve and promote African-Canadian culture in Nova Scotia.

From a Different Perspective

Series contains audio reels from a half-hour magazine format program on CKDU radio, 97.5. The program was originally hosted by CKDU staff and explored problems in the developing third world through interviews and current news stories. Some of the later episodes were from external radio stations.

International Perspectives

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program International Perspectives. This program discussed world issues and politics, and was hosted by various Political Science and International Relations graduate students at Dalhousie University, including Andy Knight, Sanjay Singh Yadav, and Peter McKenna.

The Latin Quarter

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, The Latin Quarter. The Latin Quarter was a 15-minute program presented on The Evening Affair that combined news and commentary on Latin America, hosted by the Latin American Information Group (LAIG) in Halifax. The Latin Quarter was one of a few programs on CKDU hosted by community groups in Halifax. Other community-hosted programs included The Best Defence, Earth Action, The Word is Out, and The Chinese Red Dragon.


Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Outlook. This series features interviews with Halifax residents and Dalhousie professors on religious topics. The host in 1988 was John Cairncross.

The Poetry Show

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Poetry Show. This half-hour program aired Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm and featured poets from Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Profile. The episodes in this program are hour-long features on musicians.

Radio Free World

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio program, Radio Free World. This program combined news and features from shortwave radio stations to provide various perspectives on a topic. Hosts of the program included Mike Hymers, Roger Dillon, and Gene Huh.

Video library

Series consists of records that document the administrative and operational activities of Dalhousie Univerity’s MedIT. These include videos of administrative meetings, conference lectures, curriculum lectures, extracurricular activities such as student and faculty concerts, interviews pertaining to Dalhousie Medical School’s history and alumni, medical employee professionalization, public lectures, and patient education.

Videos from conferences were sponsored, organized, and funded by the Dalhousie Medical School as part of the school's contribution to the larger medical community's commitment to public and student education, as well as an opportunity to showcase the quality of the School's facilities, faculty, and students. Some of the conferences included are "The First Gynaecological Grand Rounds," "Medicine in the Humanities," and "Women in Medicine." A sample of lectures and panel discussions are included from each conference.

The majority of tapes included in the series were used in the Dalhousie Medical School curriculum, including lectures, seminars, educational demonstrations of procedures and interactions with patients, and round-table discussions with students and faculty. Videos are included from various departments in the Dalhousie Medical School, including the departments of Anaesthesia, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Community Health and Epidemiology, Family Medicine, Medicine, Microbiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics, Radiology, Rheumatology, Urology, the Medical Education Unit, and the Division of Continuing Medical Education. The series also contains videos created at and for hospitals in Halifax, Nova Scotia and local medical associations. These videos were designed for the education of medical employees, patients, and the general public.

Several videos from a series "Dalhousie Medical School Remembered" are also included in this series, which consist of interviews with alumni of the School, reflecting on their experiences at Dalhousie and in the medical profession.


  • UA-47, Box 35
  • Series
  • January 19, 1989 - September 11, 1989
  • Part of CKDU Radio fonds

Series contains audio reels from the CKDU radio 88.1 program Voices. This show contains poetry readings, including poets from Atlantic Canada (e.g. Libby Oughton) and others from Canada and beyond.

Interviews and reports on local issues

Series contains audio reels from CKDU radio with interviews and reports conducted by CKDU radio hosts on local issues. Many of the topics are arts- or sports-related.


Series contains manuscripts of an essay and book written by Ian McKay.

Media coverage

Series contains materials depicting Brian Hall in the media. Written materials include newspaper articles, certifications, and correspondence. Related materials include photographs.
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