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Dalhousie University Bulletin: Inauguration number

Item consists of two copies of the Dalhousie University Bulletin, Inauguration Number 4, from the inauguration of Carleton W. Stanley as president of Dalhousie University. The bulletin contains the program of the event, a photograph of Stanley, transcriptions of addresses given at the event, and a list of delegates from other universities.

Munro Day program

Item is the program for Munro Day on Tuesday March 14, 1939 at Dalhousie University. The program featured sporting events, announcements and presentations, music, and an evening dance.

Correspondence with and regarding Clyde Sanger

File contains correspondence with Sanger, from the North-South Institute. Includes a draft and published version of a review Elisabeth Mann Borgese wrote of his book, "Ordering the Oceans: The Making of the Law of the Sea," which was published in the “Canadian Journal of Political Science.” Also includes correspondence discussing the closure of the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD).

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Saudi Arabia

File contains correspondence with Saudi minister Dr. Zohair Nawab on scholarships for the International Ocean Institute (IOI)'s training programme, and the ratification of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS), with Mr. Ahmad Khelifa Souedi of the United Arab Emirates on scholarships and creating an IOI endowment, and with Professor Ibrahim Haddad of the Atomic Energy Commission on a proposed organization to further the rights of scientists in developing countries (contains handwritten annotations by Elisabeth Mann Borgese). File also contains two agendas for a discussion of IOI projects to take place in Saudi Arabia.

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Thomas Sherman

File contains correspondence with Sherman of the Liberian Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy. Some correspondence concerns Pacem in Maribus (PIM), PrepCom (the Preparatory Commission for the International Seabed Authority), and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS). File includes a copy of a magazine interview with Sherman.

Correspondence between Elisabeth Mann Borgese and the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

File contains correspondence with and documents from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Correspondence concerns training programmes, Pacem in Maribus convocation, ratifications of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS), and a nomination for the 1998 King Baudouin Prize. Includes Elisabeth Mann Borgese's notes for an International Ocean Institute (IOI) presentation at an UNCTAD meeting in Geneva, September 21, 1987; IOI's application for status with UNCTAD; a brochure; reports (mainly from UNCTAD committees); an activity brief for an IOI course ("Management and Conservation of Marine Resources"); notices; and meeting agenda.

Correspondence with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) officials

File contains correspondence with various United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) officials (some of which concerns various International Ocean Institute (IOI) projects, such as the “Ocean Yearbook”), a copy of a UNDP report, "Country and Intercountry Programming and Projects - The Global and Interregional Programme" and a funding proposal from the IOI to UNDP (“Pilot Project on Multiple Uses of Mediterranean Sea”).

Correspondence between the International Ocean Institute (IOI) and the United Nations Environment Programme-Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities (GPA)

File contains correspondence between various International Ocean Institute (IOI) employees (including Elisabeth Mann Borgese) and the GPA. Includes an invitation to Elisabeth Mann Borgese to join the Steering Committee of the First GPA Intergovernmental Review. Includes a report of IOI/GPA related activities. Correspondence also discusses a proposed tourism tax, and the Regional Seas Programme,

'Y' miscellaneous correspondence

File contains correspondence with M. Yablon, Vladimir Kotliar, Igor Yarkovlev, Elliot Richardson, Christopher Young, Hui Yu, and Yu Yuancheng (includes business card). Topics of discussion include PrepCom (the Preparatory Commission), the International Ocean Institute (IOI)'s application for consultant status with the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the "Ocean Yearbook," the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLoS), and Perestroika. Some correspondence also concerns Dalhousie students.

Correspondence with and regarding Layachi Yaker

File contains correspondence concerning Yaker’s appointment as the President of the International Ocean Institute (IOI)’s Board of Trustees, a trip Elisabeth Mann Borgese was taking to visit him in the USSR, fundraising, and various IOI projects. Also includes telegrams concerning Mann Borgese daughter, Angelica Borgese, vacationing in Algiers.

Project proposal by Mário Ruivo

File contains a proposal entitled: "Proposta para um projecto de estudos de desenvolvimento a coopção international em assuritos oceãnicos, no ãmbito das actividades do International Ocean Institute, com o apoido da fundação gulbenkian."

GPA news forum : [newsletter and website printouts]

File contains a newsletter and a print-out of material from a website. The material is a co-publication between International Ocean Institute (IOI) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme). The issue features the article "The Regional Seas Programme - A New Direction" by Elisabeth Mann Borgese.

International Ocean Institute - past, present and future : [reports and correspondence]

File contains two copies of a report by the International Ocean Institute (IOI)-Canada (dated May 9 and May 12, 1997). The paper outlines the history and current programs of the IOI, with sections on training and research programs, a list of publications, and the "Pacem in Maribus" (PIM) Conferences. Also contains correspondence.

International Ocean Institute occasional papers no. 7: seabed mining: scientific, economic, political aspects : [proofs]

File contains the proofs for an interdisciplinary manual edited by Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Paul MT White. Contains the following papers: "Ocean Mineral Resources with Emphasis on Areas Beyond the EEZ" by Roger Charlier, "Exploration for Manganese Nodules" by P.M.T. White and D.A. Harvard, "Ocean Mining Technology" by Manfred Krutein, "Manganese Nodule Extractice Metallurgical Review: 1973-1978 by Gale Hubred, "Special Aspects of Site Selection for Maganese Nodules Processing Plants" by Franz Diederich, "The Possible Impact on the Environment from Deep Sea Mining" by Ludwig Karbe, "Fiscal Considerations" by Mati Pal, "Meta Markets: Trade and Economics" by Mati Pal, "Seabed Mining: Financial Considerations" by Anil Gayan, "Workers in Deep-Sea Mining and the International Labour Organization (ILO)" by Enrico Argiroffo, "A Mini-Case in Economic Feasbility" by Paul M.T. White, "The System of Production: A Historical Analysis" by Jean René Dupuy, "Scope of Operations in the Area" by Christopher Pinto, "Structure and Functions of the International Seabed Authority" by Christopher Pinto, "Potential Benefits Derived by Developing Countries from the Exploitation of the Seabed" by Alfredo Boucher, "Professional Experience and Training Required for Participation in the Management and Exploitation of the Mineral Resources of the Seabed: Options in this Field" by Francisco Orrego Vicuña, "The Common Heritage of Mankind and the Transfer of Technology" by Arvid Pardo and Elisabeth Mann Borgese. See MS-2-744, Box 52, Folder 39 for the published version.

Project proposals regarding ocean use in developing countries and for an International Ocean Institute satelite in Portugal

File contains three project proposals 1) "The Economic Zone and the Marine Fisheries of the Developing Countries" (a proposal for a seminar); 2) "Participation by Developing Countries in the Use of the Ocean and its Resources"; and 3) "Draft Proposal for an International Ocean Institute in Portugal as a 'Satellite' of International Ocean Institute (Malta)" by Sidney J. Holt.

Papers written by Elisabeth Mann Borgese regarding and published by the International Ocean Institute

File contains the copies of the following papers written (or co-written) by Elisabeth Mann Borgese: 1) a draft version of "The Enterprises," number 6 in the International Ocean Institute (IOI)'s occassional paper series, 2) a draft and published version of the 1993 paper, "The International Ocean Institute Story"; 3) a copy of a paper from the "Ocean Yearbook" series: "Managerial Implications of Sustainable Development in the Ocean" by Elisabeth Mann Borgese and Krishan Saigal, and 4) "Report from the International Ocean Institute."

UN informal consultative process on the oceans and the law of the sea (UNICPOLOS) : [charts and correspondence]

File contains a chart created by Elisabeth Mann Borgese that may have been presented or distributed as part of UNICPOLOS (United Nations Informal Consultative Process on the Oceans). Includes draft versions with corrections by Mann Borgese. Also includes correspondence on the chart, and copies of "Call to International Action" adopted at the 1996 Coastal Zone Conference.

Financial documents of the International Centre for Ocean Development

File contains information about the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD)'s budgets and expenditures. Included are budgets, corporate plans, financial projects, documents about expenditure reviews, a copy of a policy concerning the allocation of administrative costs, a resolution concerning ICOD salaries, among other financial documents.

Meeting minutes for a board of directors at the International Centre for Ocean Development, and a meeting at Dalhousie

File contains meeting minutes from a meeting held at Dalhousie University (on March 4, 1985), referring to the a joint diploma program with the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD). Also contains meeting minutes from the Board of Director's meeting held April 17-18, 1986.

International Centre for Ocean Development's board of directors and executive committee's meeting agendas and minutes

File contains meeting agendas and minutes for the International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) Board of Directors and Executive Committees, including a "Report on the Ocean Forum," background materials, and resolutions. Much of the material relates to the closing down of the ICOD in 1992.

Project proposals by the International Ocean Institute

File contains three proposals. Included are a WMU seminar proposal (a project of the International Ocean Institute) on funding a seminar on the Law of the Sea and the changing role of the oceans in the international order, and two proposals relating to training programme in marine resource management and coservation (held in Beijing).
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