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Bill Freedman fonds Canada File
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Observations of foliar contamination caused by an accidental ash emission from the Tufts Cove generating station July 4, 1990 : [manuscripts and other material]

File contains manuscript, draft manuscripts, correspondence, handwritten notes, maps, data sets relating to the report Observations of Foliar Contamination Caused by an Accidental Ash Emission From the Tufts Cove Generating Startion July 4, 1990, and a newspaper article about Freedman from the Chronicle Herald July 24.

Photographs of birds, mammals, insects, and amphibians

File contains 333 photographic slides taken by Bill Freedman in Florida, the Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, and Ontario between 1972 and 1991. Photographs show birds, large Arctic land mammals, insects, snakes and amphibians.

Temperate forest as a carbon-storage reservoir for carbon dioxide emitted by coal-fired generating station, a case study for New Brunswick, Canada : [draft manuscript and other material]

File contains a draft manuscript, review comments, correspondence, data sets and research notes relating to the article Temperate Forest as a Carbon-storage Reservoir for Carbon Dioxide Emitted by Coal-fired Generating Station, A case study for New Brunswick, Canada.

Off the beaten path : [draft manuscripts and other material]

File contains draft manuscripts, review comments, correspondence and a newspaper clipping relating to the article Off the Beaten Path, published in the Chronicle Herald on Saturday, November 25, 1989 as part of the column Environmentally Speaking, a weekly contribution from the School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University.

Photographs of the Harrowby Bay spill site

File contains 20 photographs taken by Bill Freedman at Harrowby Bay (near Tuktoyaktuk), from 1974 to 1975. Photographs document containment efforts after a small oil spill.

Photographs of the area around Smoking Hills, Northwest Territories

File contains 74 photographs taken by Bill Freedman in the Smoking Hills region of Cape Bathurst, Northwest Territories, on multiple visits between 1974 and 1990. Photographs show the scenery of the region, including smoke seepage vents, elemental sulfur deposits, and caribou herd.

Photographs of Sudbury scenes

File contains 116 photographs taken by Bill Freedman in the region around Sudbury, Ontario, between 1975 and 1986, as part of his thesis fieldwork. Photographs show glacial striae, signs of erosion, and slag heaps, from the Coniston, Falconbridge, and Richard Lake sites near Sudbury, and flora at the nearby Wanapitei River and Burwash..

Photographs of forest and flora near Thompson, Manitoba

File contains 13 photographs taken by Bill Freedman near Thompson, Manitoba, in 1974. Photographs show Picea mariana and Picea banksiana at various distances from the factory smokestacks of a nickel processing facility. Also, a beaver dam and regrowth after a forest fire.

Photographs of forestry, biomass, hydrology, and clear-cutting scenes

File contains 215 photographs taken by Bill Freedman at a variety of locations, including Aylesford Lake, NS, and Halifax County, between 1980 and 1995. Photographs show experimental and conventional clear-cutting examples at Aylesford Lake, Nova Scotia; advanced regeneration after a burn near Herring Cove, Nova Scotia; views of Pebbleloggitch Lake, Kejimkujik National Park; different rates of growth of trees of different ages; felling, bucking and sorting of Acer saccharum, and examples of throughfall and stemflow. Also includes examples of herbicide efforts.

Photographs of flora and fauna near Jasper, Alberta

File contains 44 photographs taken by Bill Freedman near Jasper and Whistler Mountain, Alberta, between 1973 and 1975. Photographs show mule deer and elk, and many species of plants (occasionally with captions stating the altitude at which they were found). Plants found in this file include Sedum stenopetalum, Rosa acicularism, Silene acaule, Dryas, hookeriana, and Saxifraga bronchialis.

Photographs of travels in Newfoundland

File contains 56 photographs taken by Bill Freedman during travels in Newfoundland in 1997. Photographs show the Bauda family at Burnt Cape, boreal forest at Gros Morne National Park, derelict factories at Long Harbour, the abandoned military base at Argentia, and scenery and replica Viking huts at L'Anse-aux-Meadows.

Photographs of urban scenes in Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver

File contains 116 photographs taken by Bill Freedman in Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver between 1973 and 2002 (though predominantly between 1999 and 2002). Photographs show urban streetscapes and buildings in Toronto, Stanley Park in Vancouver, the Public Gardens and Busker festival in Halifax, as well as Mahone Bay and Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Photographs of endangered flora at the Baccaro and Swaine's Road bogs in Nova Scotia

File contains 25 photographs taken by Bill Freedman near Barrington, Nova Scotia, in 1991. Photographs show litter on the coast of Bon Portage Island, as well as vegetation (primarily the rare, insectivorous Drosera filiformis) at Baccaro bog and Swaine's Road bog. Photographs show the endangered plants that would be threatened should a peat-mining operation be opened in the area.

Photographs of flora at Cape Bathurst and Cape Parry, Northwest Territories

File contains 40 photographs taken by Bill Freedman at sites around Cape Bathurst and Cape Parry, near Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. Photographs show examples of Saxifraga oppostifolia, Phlox sibirica, Primula borealis, Caloplaca elegans, among others. Also includes photographs from nearby sites Blackfly Lake and Malloch Hill.

Photographs of surveys at Gros Morne National Park and the Churchill River, Labrador

File contains 25 photographs taken, largely by Bill Freedman, in Gros Morne National Park and along the Churchill River, Labrador, between 1998 and 2001. There are also photos by fellow researchers Annette Lutterman and Todd Keith. Photographs show evidence of defoliation of Salix by lepidoptera, of Cornus canadensis along the river bank, dried riverbeds above Churchill Falls, and two photos of Innu resident Francis Penashue.

Photographs of agricultural scenes in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Nova Scotia

File contains 40 photographs taken by Gene Fortney, Vince Zelazny, Dave Patriquin, David Gautier, and M. Willison (and collected by Bill Freedman), in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, in 1999. Photographs show agricultural scenes, such as hayfields near Calgary, strip cropping in Saskatchewan, soybean growing in Nova Scotia, and grape growing in southern Ontario.

Photographs of family and holidays

File contains 42 photographs largely taken by Bill Freedman between 1986 and 1998. Photographs show family outings in Halifax (including the Public Gardens) in 1986, and with family at home during the winter holidays in late-1998 and early-1999.

Photographs of the destruction caused at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, by the Brown Spruce longhorn beetle

File contains 68 photographs taken largely by Bill Freedman (but also by Sweeney) at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2000. Photographs show aerial and up-close examples of the destruction wrought on the urban park by the invasive Brown spruce longhorn beetle, believed to arrive in the city via the nearby port.

Evaluation of loading of sulphate and heavy metals along a S-SE transect centering on Sudbury, Ontario ; Evaluation of sulphate and heavy metal loading rates and total sulphation as affected by forest canopies near Sudbury, Ontario ; Effects of smelter emissions on surrounding forest plant communities near Sudbury, Ontario : [manuscript and correspondence]

File contains three abstracts written by Freedman for presentations for the Workshop Meeting to Consider Methods Involved in Studies of Acid Precipitation to Forect [sic] Ecosystem. Edinburgh, United Kingdom. 19-23 September 1977. Session titles are: 1B: Evaluation of Atmospheric Inputs; 2. Throughfall and Stemflow; 3. Measurement of Effects. File also includes hand-written data and correspondence.

Short-term changes in vegetation after the silvicultural spraying of glyphosate herbicide onto regenerating clearcuts in Nova Scotia, Canada : [draft manuscript and other materials]

File contains a draft manuscript written by Freedman, R. Morash, and D. MacKinnon, for the Canadian Journal of Forest Research, volume 23. File also contains correspondence and reviewer comments. The article covers spraying at the Antrim, Little River Lake, and Riverside sites.
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