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1981 list of Directors at Eye Level Gallery

Item consists of a list of Directors for the Eye Level Gallery that was sent to the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. The list includes the names of the members, their occupation and role at Eye Level Gallery.

1983/84 overview for the Eye Level Gallery

Item consists of a "sketch" for the upcoming 1983 and 1984 years at the Eye Level Gallery, which lists the various upcoming events and needs for the gallery. The document lists the necessities for the gallery: a secretary/office manager, membership change, and a public relations plan. A floor-plan of the gallery is included. The document includes future plans for program suggestions, lecture series, projected budget, income projection, grants, and special projects.

Agenda and minutes from a Board of Directors meeting held on September 6, 1983

Item consists of an agenda and minutes from a Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery meeting. Members present included David Craig, John Murchie, John Greer, Gary Conway, Michael Fernandes, Brian Paul, Stephen Horne and Marina Stewart. Topics discussed at the meeting consisted of exhibiting student artwork, financial reports, gallery methods and procedures, and programming. Item also includes a handwritten copy of the meeting minutes.

Agenda and minutes from Board of Directors meeting held on September 30, 1982

Item consists of an agenda and minutes from a Board of Directors meeting that occurred on September 30, 1982. This meeting discussed a variety of topics such as financials, the fiscal year end, a report of programming and a discussion on fundraising and management strategies for the future of Eye Level Gallery.

Agenda for a members meeting

Item consists of an agenda for a general members meeting. Topics listed for discussion are: the gallery's progress, grant applications, Parallel Gallery meeting in Ottawa, summer closure of the gallery, event proposals and volunteers.

Agenda for Board of Directors meeting, September 9, 1982

Item consists of an agenda for a Board of Directors meeting for the Eye Level Gallery. Topics on the agenda included: Marina Stewart's letter regarding finances, the new director, 1983 programming, financial reports, and review of proposals.

Centre for Art Tapes fonds

  • MS-3-46
  • Fonds
  • 1979-2005
Fonds consists of records created and collected by the Centre for Art Tapes between 1977 and 2005. Materials reflect the artist-run centre's diverse functions and activities. Records include correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, scholarship applications, funding applications, posters, programs, CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, exhibition catalogues, reports, financial statements, public service announcements, news releases, blueprints, agreements, workshop materials and programming information.

Centre for Art Tapes

Christopher Heide fonds

  • MS-2-838
  • Fonds
  • 1975 - 2010
Fonds contains records created and collected by Christopher Heide in the course of his career as a writer, including his work with arts and cultural associations such as ACTRA and the Dramatists' Co-op of Nova Scotia. Record types include scripts for stage, radio and screen; notes; correspondence; reports; meeting minutes; and photographs.

Heide, Christopher

Clary Croft : Nova Scotia Gold : part 2 of 2

File contains documents regarding the creation of the Rock Meets Bone episode titled "Nova Scotia Gold : part two" with Clary Croft, which aired on October 6, 1989. Croft was responsible for organizing Helen Creighton's collection for the Nova Scotia Public Archives, and carried on her work in cultural heritage education. Materials include an introduction to the episode and handwritten production notes.

Correspondence between the Eye Level Gallery and the Dalhousie University President

Item consists of correspondence between Eye Level Gallery and the Dalhousie University Present, W. Andrew MacKay regarding the proposed closure of the Dalhousie Art Gallery. Michael Fernandes wrote a letter to the Dalhousie President stating the vital role the art gallery has in the "cultural health of this area" and that cutbacks to the gallery's budget "will undoubtedly set a disturbing precedent with discouraging and far-reaching effects on many people; artists and viewers alike." Fernandes' letter was accompanied with four pages of signatures who protested the idea of negative changes to the Dalhousie Art Gallery. MacKay responded acknowledging the concerns, but also states that Dalhousie is facing "severe financial problems, and we are reviewing the whole range of services and programmes other than strictly academic programmes".

Correspondence to Canada Council

Item consists of a letter to the Program of Assistance to Galleries and Museums of the Canada Council from Marina Stewart correcting an error John Murchie had made in their financial report.

Dalhousie Art Gallery fonds

  • UA-36
  • Fonds
  • 1953-2009
Fonds consists of records pertaining to Dalhousie Art Gallery publicity, exhibitions, collections, openings and events, and administration. Types of materials include press releases, brochures, tickets, a poster, photographs, course information, programs, calendars, catalogues, reports, financial records, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, minutes and agendas, and other materials.

Dalhousie University. Dalhousie Art Gallery

Episode 3, Clary Croft

File contains one digital recording of the Rock Meets Bone episode titled "Nova Scotia Gold : part two" with Clary Croft, which aired on October 6, 1989.

Exhibitions and events at Eye Level Gallery

Item consists of a list of exhibitions and events that occurred at Eye Level Gallery between October, 1977 and June, 1981. The list identifies the year, the artist, the title and the medium or material of the exhibitions.

Financial and programming report

Item consists of an agenda for a Board of Directors of Eye Level Gallery for a February 1, 1984 meeting. The item also includes a financial report and cash flow projection, and a report on programming, which also includes music programming with Audio by Artists.

Financial report and budget for 1983 and 1984

Item consists of documents relating to the 1983 to 1984 operations of Eye Level Gallery. This item includes a document illustrating the hierarchical structure of Eye Level Gallery's operations as a corporate body and their decision making process. Also includes is a list of proposed exhibitions for 1983 to 1984, a financial report and outlook for the upcoming year.

General meeting announcement

Item is a typed memo by Eye Level Gallery notifying the general members about a meeting held on March 20, 1975 at the gallery's location at 5785 West Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The letter is from Julia Healy, the Co-ordinator for the Board of Directors of the Eye Level Gallery.

Karl MacKeeman's resignation letter

Item consists of a letter from Karl MacKeeman stating his resignation from the Eye Level Gallery, as he cannot maintain close contact with the gallery while living outside Nova Scotia.

Ken Martin : recent works

Item is a handbill or pamphlet for an art exhibition of Ken Martin's recent works at Eye Level Gallery from September 8 to 27th.

Letter from John Murchie to the Board Members of Eye Level Gallery

Item consists of a letter from John Murchie to David Craig and the Board of Eye Level Gallery stating a proposal for a change in the "free" week that gallery has where for one week a month, there is no professional exhibition. Murchie suggests holding non-traditional events during this week, which he would be responsible for collection, installation, staffing the gallery during non-normal hours, and advertising of the exhibitions.

Letter from Marina Stewart to Michael Fernandes

Item is a letter from Marina Stewart to Michael Fernandes regarding a deficit Stewart was alleged to have left at the end of the 1981 fiscal year. In the letter, Stewart asks Fernandes to bring up the matter at the first Eye Level Gallery meeting of the 1982-1983 gallery season.

Letter from Marina Stewart to Roger Savage

Item is a letter from Marina Stewart to Roger Savage addressing Savage's resignation from the gallery. The letter is dated August 13, 1979. Stewart notes that the gallery is "moving right along" and that Savage's dreams are being fulfilled.

Letter from Ron Savage requesting Items to be added to a meeting agenda

Item is a handwritten note from Ron Savage to Susan Beaver about the tasks that needed to be completed before a Canada Council representative was at Eye Level Gallery. Ron also wrote about items to be added to the agenda of the next meeting, in order to get others to help out in the preparation of the gallery space for the Canada Council, and for the general public.

Letter to Canada Council regarding deficit from John Murchie

Item consists of a letter to the Visual Arts Officer of the Canada Council from John Murchie, the treasurer of Eye Level Gallery. The letter addresses an error in an application for assistance where a much larger deficit was reported than what it actually is.
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