Africville (Halifax, N.S.)



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Africville (Halifax, N.S.)

Africville (Halifax, N.S.)

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Africville (Halifax, N.S.)

  • UF Halifax (N.S.). Africville

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Africville (Halifax, N.S.)

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Interview File

File contains transcripts of interviews from a study on the forced migration of residents of Africville. The study was conducted by Don Clairmont and Dennis Magill in the late 1960s. The transcripts are from interviewees #2, #5, #21, #27, #34, #88...

Interview outlines

File contains a 4 page typescript of Political-Administrative Questions (page 4 is dedicated to questions for Alderman Connolly, Alderman Sullivan and Alderman Doyle); a 2 page typescript of questions intended for a city administrator identifies a...

Interview with Dwayne Provo on an exhibition about Africville

File is an audio reel containing an interview with researcher Dwayne Provo about an exhibition on Africville at Mount Saint Vincent University in October 1988. Provo spoke with CKDU's Lisa Monk about the exhibition. The interview aired August...

Manuscript - Last days of Jacob Street

File contains a draft manuscript written likely in the early-1970s (definitely after 1967) by William F. Dawson, about the area around Jacob Street in downtown Halifax, bulldozed to make way for the Scotia Square project (the Jacob Street area was...

Map of Africville

File contains one folding map of the Africville Area Land Ownership and Buildings, drawn by P.E.J. on July 26, 1962, for the Halifax City Planning Office, at a scale of 1" = 100'. Verso map also contains an inked list of property numbers...

Meetings on Africville relocation

File contains information regarding meetings about Africville Relocation (with date, location, purpose of, comments related to, and further interviewing information), as well as facsimiles of corresponding news clippings related to

People to acknowledge

File contains photocopies of city council minutes and reports related to the Africville Relocation Program, including detailing Albert Rose's report. File also contains correspondence.

Photograph of a well in Africville

Item is a photograph of a sign near some houses in Halifax's Africville neighborhood. The well has a sign that says "Please boil this water before drinking and cooking." The photograph was used in Donald Clairmont's "Afric...

Bob Brooks Illustrative Photography

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